Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hard to say goodbye

It finally hit me this week that Everwood is actually ending on Monday (tomorrow ahh!) I am going to miss this show so so much!! And to make matters worse the only season on DVD is season 1 (don't get me started). The only good news to come out of Everwood's cancellation is that the WB has given them a 2 hour series finale. Finally the WB gives them the respect that this show deserves. I feel like I should be saying a lot more about this show but for right now I'm kind of speechless. For right now I'm just excited about two whole hours of Everwood, once it ends I'll worry about missing it then. Here's to hoping that the finale is such a success that the CW comes to its senses and brings back this classic show (ala 7th Heaven, again don't get me started.)


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