Thursday, May 04, 2006

Where to begin?

So I finally saw Tuesday night's episode of Veronica Mars titled Happy Go Lucky. And wow it was jam packed with goodness. I mean we had home baked cupcakes, Wallace and Jackie in love, a school shooting and Lucky being shot dead all before the opening credits!! The two main stories of this episode were of course the Aaron Echolls trial and some bus crash/Woody Goodman is a pervert developments. I'm going to leave the recapping to TWOP and others but here are some highlights of the episode. Also enjoy the pics from next week's episode courtesy of UPN. I'll be posting more throughout the week.

- Presumably Lucky and two other boys were molested by Woody Goodman when they played on his little league baseball team. Those two other boys happen to be Marcos Olivares and Peter Ferrar who were both on the bus!!

- Poor Veronica and Ketih get ripped apart on the witness stand at the Aaron Echolls trial. How the heck did the lawyer know she had an STD?Her poor dad almost had a heart attack!!

- Weevil needs to get a B on his algebra test to graduate which would make his grandma proud. Beaver agrees to tutor him in exchange for his car being fixed. Can someone explain to me two things, 1) Beaver is an 09er and he drives a station wagon? Does this seem odd to anyone else? And 2) Beaver is an 09er and can't afford to get his car fixed? Anyway Beaver was pretty much an incompetent tutor so Mac stepped in and helped out. It was good to see Mac and the Beav in the same room again and after a little while they seemed back to their old selves! And Weevil got the B.

- Wallace finished his finals, cleaned out his locker and said some really sweet things to V. He's such a softie!! Oh and he and Jackie need to tone it down a notch, they are starting to grate on my nerves.

- Who is this Hart kid? I think we might be seeing him again.

- Jackie's dad has a witness step forward and say he was with Terrence the day of the bus crash and therefore he couldn't have been responsible for the bus crash. This is the same man that Terrence owes a lot of money too. Now Terrence has to repay his debt by using his celebrity status to get customers into the casino.

- Two boys stepped forward and said they saw someone attack Thumper (whose body was found at the old Sharks stadium.) Lamb has them look at some pictures and they identify Weevil as the guy who attacked Thumper.

- Lucky planted a bomb in Woody's car which was found only after Keith called in the bomb squad. The bomb is the same type as was used in the bus crash and Lamb assumes Lucky is responsible for both.

- Keith finally shares the audio tapes he has and emails from Lucky which point towards Woody Goodman being a molester before agreeing to arrest him. Guess who's gone when he goes to make the arrest. That's right Woody has taken off in a private plane with no flight plan filed. Smooth move Lamb!

- Wallace goes to pick up Jackie and finds out she is gone, left for France already. Ouch! I have a feeling she'll be back.

- And lastly but definitely not least the Aaron Echolls verdict is in. All Veronica wants to do is see Aaron when the verdict is read. She is about to start her last final which she needs to ace to get the Kane scholarship and go to Stanford. V pretty much sacrifices any chance of going to Stanford and walks out on her final and heads to the courthouse. Aaron is not guilty on all charges, and V, Keith and Logan are all pretty much stunned. It's like OJ all over again!

Wow alot happened huh! The preview for the season finale next week looks ridiculous, in a good way of course. And best of all it looks like Duncan may be back. Ok maybe not back in Neptune but at least back on screen. Of course now he is a murder suspect in Lily's death which is ridiculous and crazy so it will be interesting to see what happens with him. Only a few more days until we find out everything!!!


Blogger duckyxdale said...

I love how you weren't going to recap and leave that to TWOP et al and then proceeded to recap the whole episode. You crack me up!

2:44 PM  
Blogger tvgirl13 said...

Yeah I got a little carried away. What can I say!

9:03 AM  

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