Monday, May 08, 2006

There's More!

The folks behind the Look to the Skies campaign which I detailed in my earlier post sent out mailings to CW execs today, particularly the all-powerful Dawn Ostroff head of the CW network. But these mailings were more than just post cards saying Save Veronica Mars they were all out care packages. Here are some details:

The following VM characters sent Veronica graduation bouquets c/o Dawn Ostroff, each with a message written in the voice of the character and each arriving on a different day: Keith, Wallace, Weevil, Logan, Duncan, Aaron, Gia, Lamb.

Care packages were sent to everyone who has been named in CBS or WB press releases as a future CW executive, as well as the top communications contacts at both networks and the more high profile/loyal people in the entertainment press. Each gift box contains a letter of recommendation from Veronica's guidance counselor; a Hearst College T-shirt, hat, and set of pom-poms; information about the plane's flight plan; and binoculars - to aid CW executives when they "LOOK TO THE SKIES" on Tuesday.

Pretty clever!! Let's hope it works!


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