Tuesday, May 16, 2006


There are a lot of rumors floating around on the world wide web about the fate of our favorite shows. Too be honest none of the rumors are great surrounding my favs Veronica Mars and Everwood. The word on the street is that VM will be picked up Thursday for 13 episodes by the new CW network. While I should be very happy that VM is being picked up at all I'm a little upset by this. I'm mostly upset because I've been led to believe that VM was a "lock" to be picked up for a full season. If only 13 episodes are ordered then it's a lot easier to cut ties completely with the show if it underperforms this fall. But for right now I am thankful that we should be seeing the return of VM for at least a little while this fall.

I hate to say it but the news regarding VM is the good news that I have to share with you all. The bad news is that things aren't looking too hot for family fave Everwood. It appears thatthe CW's surprise move to pick up 7th Heaven even after it's lukewarm series finale (yes series finale the show was supposed to be done) has pushed Everwood off the schedule and it probably is done for good. This is such a quality show and it could even take the place of the family drama 7th Heaven on the CW network, Everwood is a pretty wholesome show. But it looks like the execs at the CW have decided to give tired 7th Heaven another run. I'm currently watch the 1st season of Everwood via Netflix and this show has been solid for it's entire 4 year run. I really don't think there is anything the producers could have done differently.

That being said none of these "rumors" will be official until Thursday at the CW upfronts. So keep your fingers and toes crossed until then!!


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