Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mars Anatomy?

Ok let's talk Grey's for a second. I'm hearing some very mixed reviews of the 3 hour season finale. I for one thought it was awesome. I suppose there were parts I had problems with but I'll get into that later.

First off was that Vinnie VanLowe and Veronica's journalism teacher that I saw on Sunday night? That's what I thought! I had a hard time identifying Vinnie without his Members Only jacket but it was him. What is going on with all these Veronica castmembers showing up on Grey's? First we had Duncan, then Vinnie and V's teacher and then yesterday Ms. Jackie Cooke herself shows up as the Chief's dying niece. It's kind of fun recognizing all these actors!!

Ok now we can dish. Please tell me I wasn't the only one crying for like half of this episode. I'm admit I'm a wuss but wow there was a lot going on. Strangely enough what really got me going were the scenes with Doc (MerDer's dog) And I don't even have a dog, in fact I've never had a dog or even a cat for that matter. I don't know why that scene got me so bad but it really did.

The Emmy's are going to be mighty interesting this year. While I still think Kristen Bell deserves the Emmy more than anyone, Katherine Heigl is going to be giving her a run for her money!! The scene after Denny died with her on the bed in her prom dress with him. Holy cow that was intense. She acted the hell out of the whole episode but that scene was just crazy. I love how Alex was the only one who could calm her down. There are her 3 best friends standing there unable to do anything and this guy she hates is able to not calm her down but kind of comfort her I guess. You gotta give Alex credit for having some compassion, he could have walked away and said I told you so, but of course he didn't. I have to say Izzie is easily my favorite character and if she leaves I'm going to be so sad. I'm anxiously awaiting Shonda Rhimes to post on the Grey Matters blog so she can clear up whether or not Katherine Heigl is leaving the show.

MerDer MerDer MerDer. I have to say I've been a MerDer fan for a while, but when McDreamy got angry and nasty he lost me. He was always so laid back and fun and easy-going and then this wave of rage comes over him and suddenly he's not so McDreamy anymore. I would have been jumping up and down if MerDer hooked up before McDreamy turned nasty but instead I was just kind of neutral about them doing the deed. I was relieved that the sexual tension was gone but I wanted Meredith to be with McDreamy not mean Dr. Shepherd. And poor Finn, he's so darn cute, cuter than Dr. Shepherd I dare say and he wants to be with Meredith. Really, really wants to be with her and I just feel so bad for him. He had no idea what he was walking into when he started treating Doc. And as a MerDer fan this is hard for me to say but I felt so bad for Addison, she tries so hard. Ok enough of my MerDer rant but I will say this I hope she picks Finn. She knows it's the right decision!!

Burke and Cristina, they have problems. That's the understatement of sweeps. I hated Cristina this episode, she was such a baby. What the heck happened to her. She has some major redeeming to do. For now, she's not my favorite.

Ok this is getting really long but what happened to George? I realized last night that I don't love George like I used too. Ever since he started dating Callie he never smiles anymore. When was the last time we saw George smile? It's been forever!! He's not as cute and fumbly as he used to be either. I don't know what happened but I used to think George was the cutest thing ever and I always felt bad for him, now he borderline annoys me. I hope he goes back to his old self next year.

So I think I about covered it, it felt good to let loose on this show! Whooo! In other Grey's news ABC has announced it is moving Grey's to Thursdays. I'm completely fine with this move as long as none of my other beloved shows get moved to that timeslot. Right now I'm just hoping all my shows return!!


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also on grey's anatomy, bailey's husband was played by the guy who plays wallace's dad on vm.

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