Monday, May 08, 2006

Look to the Skies!!!

No one can ever say that Veronica Mars fans aren't intensely loyal. Check out what a group of die-hard fans on the Television Without Pity boards have organized!!

"Look to the Skies" A dedicated group of VERONICA MARS fans is pulling out all the stops to support the show's move to the new CW network.Their biggest effort is ensuring that for two hours in the morning (8-10am) and two hours in the afternoon (4-6pm) on TUESDAY, MAY 9, the day of the VERONICA MARS season finale, "CW" will stand for something entirely different: CLOUD WATCHERS. Fans have hired a plane, banner in tow, to fly between the UPN offices in Los Angeles and the future site of the CW headquarters in Burbank. Should those in charge of the fictional private eye's future look to the skies for guidance, the message from her fans will be clear:"RENEW VERONICA MARS! CW 2006!"

When asked why the big gesture, the group's lead organizer said:"When I learned the fate of VERONICA MARS was once again up in the air, I decided to take a page out of Veronica's book and take action. Rather than passively wait for others to decide whether or not I would get another year of mind-blowing mysteries, I proposed something fun and splashy and out-there -- a last ditch, grassroots effort to save something I love dearly. It's clearly absurd, but that's why it has the potential to be effective. Some fandoms sign online petitions, VERONICA MARS fans send airborne messages!"The Cloud Watchers raised over $5000 - in just 4 days - from fans on various websites.

Once the plane was paid for, a significant portion of the remaining funds was used to purchase DVDs of the show's first season for libraries in major television markets across the country. As an alternative to monetary donations, the Cloud Watchers encouraged fans who wanted to contribute to purchase VERONICA MARS DVDs for their hometown libraries. Thanks to the combined efforts of these two drives, over 100 sets of DVDs - at a cost of $4000 - have been donated and accepted.

On MONDAY, MAY 8, care packages containing VERONICA MARS-inspired gifts, information about the plane's flight plan, and binoculars -- to aid decision makers when they look to the skies -- will be delivered to future CW executives, those in charge at the new network's parent companies, and influential people in the entertainment media. Fans are confident that these gestures will tip the scales in Veronica's favor.

A spokesperson explains:"VERONICA MARS is not going to be renewed for her ratings. The show is a critical success, but its network placement and constant preemptions have compromised its already fragile standings. What Veronica does have going for her, however, is a rabid fanbase. A loyal fanbase means a loyal following at a new network as it struggles to establish itself in a competitive market. If the CW brings Veronica with them to Burbank, we're following. We've even hired a plane to point other people in the right direction."

Wow! Even organizing one of those initiatives would have been impressive this group has managed to organize a DVD drive, mailings to CW executives and hiring a plane to fly for a combined total of four hours over busy California traffic. I'll post more details on each of these items and how you can get involved shortly!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that's truly awesome, keep up the good work and for all you VM fan out there, go help them!

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