Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Happy Go Lucky

Can you believe it? Tonight is the second to last episode of Veronica Mars. If the last two episodes of season 2 are anything like the last two episodes of season 1 we are in for quite a ride.
Here are the details on this episode from UPN:

"Happy Go Lucky" -- As Aaron Echolls' (guest star Harry Hamlin) trial is about to conclude, tensions rise as Veronica, Keith and Logan take the witness stand to testify against him, on VERONICA MARS, Tuesday, May 2 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on UPN. Steve Gomer directed the episode from a script written by Diane Ruggiero. Meanwhile, after Veronica finds a suspicious e-mail in Woody's (guest star Steve Guttenberg) computer, Keith turns to Sheriff Lamb with evidence to arrest Woody, but Lamb refuses, believing that Keith is trying to turn him into a laughing stock. Also, to everyone's surprise, Neptune High's janitor Lucky brings a gun into school with the intent to find Gia.

Wow, that's alot going on for one episode!! The good news is it's bound to be amazing television. The bad news, guess who will be missing it. That's right, me!! Horrifying I know but duty calls. I think I have my bases covered and the episode is being recorded. If it ends up not being recorded you will probably hear a blood curdling shriek from coast to coast. At least I know it will be replayed on Sunday. So in the meantime I'll be avoiding any and all Veronica Mars talk so that I can remain spoiler free.


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