Friday, May 05, 2006

And the winner is...

The Save One Show (SOS) results are in over at E! and the result is pretty shocking. Can you handle it? One Tree Hill won with 44% of the vote. I have to say I'm shocked! The good news is that Veronica Mars came in second. To read Kristin Veitch's column with the results and much more click here. Here is a rundown of the final five.

One Tree Hill - 44%
Veronica Mars - 32%
Supernatural - 14%
Everwood - 7%
What About Brian - 3%

We'll find out very soon if winning (or coming in second or 4th in the case of Everwood) has any effect on the executives over at the CW. The 2006-2007 CW schedule will be announced May 18th.


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