Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sweet and Salty

This Thursday when I was actually laying in my bed eating a box of cookies I caught an episode of Top Chef on Bravo. For some strange reason I've been resisting watching this show, maybe because the constant ads for it during Project Runway were so annoying but my friend kept telling me how good it was. I watched the episode with Ted Allen from Queer Eye as the guest judge. Was that the most recent episode? Anyway, I really enjoyed the episode.

The challenge was that the chefs had to create a multi-course dinner for Ted Allen and his important foodie friends. So the chefs worked together so that each chef had a course that complimented their strengths. Then came the twist that all of us Project Runway fans are so used to. The chefs weren't going to be making the course they designed and shopped for. Each chef pulled a knife out of a knife block which decided what course they would make. There was a lot of drama and fuss of course from most of the chefs. There were a few however who didn't really seem to care and that's because they can handle any kind of dish. Seems like a pretty reasonable request to shift from making the meat course to making soup or whatever it may be.

Anyway the really big drama of the night came from Miguel. Oh Miguel, how did you manage this one? Miguel is making a seemingly simple and stress-free cheese plate with some sort of sorbet. He's whistling along with his dish and he's working on the sorbet when all of a sudden he freaks out. This "top chef" managed to use salt in the sorbet instead of sugar. Now I am by no means a cook of any shape or size but even I can tell the difference between salt and sugar. How could Miguel not tell the difference? Seriously, seriously!! So Miguel goes into meltdown mode which is pretty darn entertaining and he decides he not going to finish his dish. Smart move dude.

He obviously finishes his dish but when he presents it he can't remember the name of the cheese. This man made a sorbetless cheese plate and he can't remember the name of the cheese he used. Overall Ted Allen and the food snobs liked the meal and Miguel somehow someway wasn't sent packing. I'm excited to see what drama unfolds in the kitchen next week (Top Chef is on Wed at 10/9 CST), maybe Miguel will confuse apples and tomatoes. Ok that's probably a stretch but here's to hoping!


Blogger Kat said...

So, did you watch it this week? It was great! I am also not a chef - though I do like to putz around in the kitchen a little - and I have never, EVER confused salt with sugar! He obviously just saw a bowl of white stuff, and dumped it all in - instead of using his sense of touch or taste.

2:09 PM  
Blogger tvgirl13 said...

I did watch this week but I'm so lame that I fell asleep a little more than halfway through it. So sad! So I need to catch a rerun sometime. I of course immediately looked to see who got booted though.

2:15 PM  

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