Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Rapes of Graff

I can't believe it's almost time for another VM episode. Not that I'm complaining at all but I'm still digesting all that happened this episode. When the episode first ended I was kind of disapoointed and confused by it. Did Veronica ever figure out who the rapist was? If so it was incredibly unclear. It turns out that V did not nab the rapist but the word on the street is that catching this rapist will be the season long mystery for season 3. That is if the tv gods grant VM a third season. Anyway so much else happened in this episode besides V going after some rapists. Let me see what I can remember.

- Madison and Lamb, a couple? He is dirty!! And as a matter of fact so is she!!
- Then of course you can't forget the confrontation between Keith, Cliff and Lamb and the hilarious fliers.
- Maeby and George Michael from Arrested Development starring in the episode. They were great and it's particulary funny that they played college kids since they are teenagers but Kristen Bell is 25 and plays a 17 year old.
- Murder charges against Logan are completely dropped, I have to say I wasn't expecting that one!
- Troy VandeGraff was back, and it was so fun to see Veronica's reaction to him!
- And of course the hilarious scene in the wig shop where VM announces it's time for her to earn an Emmy nomination.

Ok I'm just babbling now but when I look back at the episode I realized that it was another great episode and there just was so much going on. I left so much interesting stuff out but I just realized I never mentioned how much I liked this episode.

Tomorrow night's episode is one of Rob Thomas's all-time favorites and he said it's even better than Rapes of Graff. Can't wait!


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