Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Now that's what I'm talking about...

Wow! Did everyone watch last night's episode of Veronica Mars? I'm still catching my breath from it, so much happened! I think this episode (I Am God) was much better than last weeks highly touted episode. But that's just me! Did you see the scene with Beaver and V outside in the cafeteria? That's the scene I watched during my set visit. Quite a quick and simple scene but it took several hours. Did anybody catch Dick goofing off in the background of that scene? He was twirling a bike around on one wheel. The only reason I noticed it was because he was only a few feet from us when that scene took place. There were so many fantastic one liners in last night's episode. My favorite was Keith Mars knocking Paris Hilton who guest starred on VM early in season 1. I'm glad that didn't stick. I'm going to hold off on discussing what all went down last night until I watch the episode again. I'm sure there will be plenty to analyze once I catch it a second time. In case you missed last night's episode (shame on you!) I'm pretty sure UPN is replaying it tonight after America's Next Top Model on UPN.


Anonymous theTVaddict said...

Last night's episode was great. Having just finished watching it a few minutes ago (too much Tuesday TV to get through everything) I'm left with so many questions. Of course I really just want to find out who is behind the crash. I really am not sure, and have so many theories. I definitely don't think it was Weevil though - even though last night's episode sort of teased that.

5:23 PM  
Blogger K said...

I have to say VM is my favourite episode since Sex and the City. I find myself looking forward to the next episode (I don't do that w/ any other show)every week and love each episode *this much* more than the last.

Last week's ep was awesome. Although I'm still a little confused about her cell ringing - I'm pretty sure the writers told us who the killer is. We just need to figure it out. How many episodes are left now?

4:09 PM  

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