Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Monday Monday

What did you guys think of Prison Break and Everwood this week? Both were exceptional episodes, I thought the Prison Break episode was especially insteresting since it flashed back 3 years. Here are my random thoughts on both shows.

Prison Break
- I liked how they made all the prisoners (except for T-Bag) likeable before they committed their crimes. I mean we're supposed to be rooting for these guys to break out of prison so if they are pyschos then it's hard to be in their corner.

- This episode just reaffirmed how incredibly creepy and scary T-bag is. He is freaks me out so bad that if I saw Robert Knepper who plays T-bag on the street I would turn around and run in the other direction. And that means a lot because I am by no means a runner.

- Does anyone else feel like Michael and Lincoln should have had hair?

- Veronica and Michael together was incredibly weird. I'm very glad that stopped before it began.

- C-note is so intense I feel like my eyes are going to burn out whenever he is on screen. Believe it or not I do feel bad for him and the whole situation with the military.

- I hope when Sucre gets out he wipes the smirk off his cousin's face. What a jerk!!

- Delia's speech made me cry, I'm such a wuss. But in my defense Dr. Brown was crying also.

- Where the heck are Bright and Hannah?

- I so wasn't expecting Ephram to start going on about how he abandoned his son and that is why he's doing so much for piano boy. It was a really great scene though!

- I love Nina to death but how dumb do you have to be to offer wine to someone who just got out of rehab? But she is trying, really hard which is cute.

- Since when does having ADD mean you fall down a lot? That was a new one to me!

- Since when does doing pilates make you a contortionist?

- I'm not even going to address the Amy situation (ok yes I am.) I just want to shake her. Yes it's frustrating to have different opinions than your parents but her freaking dad didn't care that they had different opinions and he even welcomed it. Were we supposed to feel bad for her? She was driving me crazy.

So there you have it, my thoughts on the new Prison Break and Everwood episodes. Probably way more than you ever wanted to know!


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