Monday, April 10, 2006

Here and There...

Oh the memories: Here's a great article by Karla Petersen in the San Diego Union-Tribune on the Veronica Mars Blogger Press Day I was lucky enough to have participated in a few weeks ago.

Save Our Show Part 2: It's that time of year when discussion of what shows should be picked up hits a frenzy. USA Today had their Save Our Show poll last week. This week is asking what tv shows should be saved and why. Click here to sound off on why your favorite show (ahem ahem Veronica Mars and Everwood) should be brought back.

You never know what the networks look at: There is a new website that is running a competition for TV shows called TV Idol. It's an interesting concept and fun to vote for your favorite current show and you favorite shows from the past. The lowest scoring shows each work are then eliminated.


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