Monday, April 10, 2006

And we're back...

And I'm back from my mini-unannounced hiatus. I had a little bout of laziness for a few days last week coupled with a busy work week which left me unable to post for a few days there. But that hasn't kept me from my tv. Last week I started watching season 1 of Grey's Anatomy (thanks to the modern miracle of Netflix) and it shouldn't be a suprise that I'm enjoying it. I'm about 4 episodes in and it's very interesting to see everyone's back story and to see how some of the characters have changed and some of them haven't. I can't get over how obnoxious Alex has been so far. He's obnoxious this season but in the episodes I'm watching now he is completely unlikable and I want him off the show. I think George, Izzie and Cristina have all pretty much stayed the same. Meredith has changed a lot. I forgot what she looks like when she smiles and in season 1 she does actually smile from time to time. In my opinion season 2 is a lot better and has more depth but season 1 is pretty cute and I'm definitely excited to watch the last five episodes of the season.


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