Monday, March 27, 2006

Really, Really, Really,Must See TV

Everwood is finally back after an almost four month break!! Don't forget to check out two new back to back episodes starting at 8 PM/ 7 PM CST on the WB. This show has quality writing, r characters you can relate to and great plot lines. But you already know that right! This show is in serious danger of not being picked up next year, so make sure you all watch. I will bet you a quarter that if you watch you'll like it! Don't forget!
Note: Watch Everwood but don't forget to record Prison Break. Why do all the good shows need to overlap? Argh!!

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Blogger TVFan said...

I gave the same plea regarding Everwood, but it seems the ratings were only so-so. I'm hoping people are just a little slow to come back since it has been gone so long. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all these letters are doing some good and that people start watching it again soon!

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