Thursday, March 23, 2006

Major VM News

Thanks to my friend duckyxdale I just learned that VM is moving back to it's original home, Tuesday nights. I am completely and utterly shocked. They put the show on hiatus for a few weeks to wait for America's Next Top Model to return and now they are moving it away from ANTM. The move is supposedly to get the show out of the same timeslot as the massive hits Lost and American Idol but AI is going to be on Tuesday as well as Wednesday. My big question is when was UPN going to let the viewers know this big change was happening. I don't watch UPN for any other show besides VM so commercials announcing the move would be pointless for me and I'm sure many other viewers. Ok, enough of my rant here is the article from Zap2It.

New Orbit for 'Veronica Mars'
Show moves to Tuesdays, away from 'Idol'
March 23 2006

LOS ANGELES -- UPN is sending "Veronica Mars" back to her old home for the remainder of the season, which may be both good and bad news for the series.Starting next week, "Veronica" will air at 9 p.m. ET Tuesdays -- the same timeslot it held last season. Repeats are scheduled to air on Wednesdays for at least the next two weeks; plans for after that "will be announced shortly," the network says.

With the move, "Veronica Mars" will lose its strong lead-in, "America's Next Top Model," which helped boost the critically loved high-school noir's ratings in the fall. "Veronica's" ratings have suffered in recent airings, however, partly due to the absence of "Top Model" and partly due to the return of "American Idol."

For the season, it's averaging about 2.4 million viewers per week, just about even with its numbers this time last year.Moving the show to Tuesdays does get it out of "Idol's" path, as well as that of ABC's "Lost" and CBS' "Criminal Minds." It will, however, have to go up against FOX's "House" and CBS' emerging hit "The Unit."What the change means for "Veronica's" chances to make the jump to The CW next season remains to be seen.

UPN President Dawn Ostroff, who will run the new network, is a fan of the show. Still, its marginal ratings make a pickup for The CW, which will feature programs from both UPN and The WB, less than certain.

This makes me really nervous that the show is in danger of not being picked up by the new CW network. Ahhh!!!


Blogger Queen TV said...

Just want to let you know that Zap2it changed their story and are now reporting that the change will happen starting April 11th. With so much confusion happening as it is we don't need one more wrong piece of information floating around! I wish they would get it straight the first time for once!

5:21 PM  
Blogger Scooter said...

Here's my theory, they are moving to test a Gilmore Girls, VM pairing. I noticed the at 9:00 this week the WB is showing a GG repeat which they may inivertally saying, please watch something else (i.e. VM). So they may be doing that the rest of the season. Also with UPN starting to show VM repeats on Tuesday, why not show the first run episode a day earlier and the repeat the next day.

What I don't understand is why are they doing this so late in the season? It moves April 11 and the finale is May 9, that's only four episodes.

As for not watching any UPN show, not even Everybody Hates Chris? It's good stuff.

9:31 PM  

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