Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Lots Going On...

The VM publicists have been working overtime lately and I've got lots to share. First up next Tuesday I've been invited to a telepress conference with Jason Dohring and Rob Thomas. This is my second chance! I need to come up with some really good questions to ask Rob and Jason. I had Rob all to myself for about three minutes during my VM set visit and you know what I did, I totally blanked out on all the questions I've ever wanted to ask him and I told him that the food was really good. I made such a fool out of myself! All the other bloggers had all these hard hitting questions and I'm like wow this salmon is tasty! So leave me some questions in the comments or email me. Also don't forget to watch a new episode of VM tonight at 9/8 CST on UPN. But I know you would never forget!

In other VM news UPN is letting fans take over the network. Ok not quite but you and your friends could be shown during a commercial break on VM. Here are the details:

If you videotape you and your friends watching Veronica Mars, you may get a chance to see yourself on national TV!UPN is offering its dedicated Veronica Mars bloggers a great opportunity to have your 15-seconds of fame! Every week, get a group of friends together for a Veronica Mars viewing party and shoot some video of your event. The tape can include anything you want: sound bites of your friends talking about their favorite characters, you saying why you love Veronica Mars, or a group shout-out to your friends and family in your hometown. But keep it clean, because your tape could end up airing on UPN during an episode of Veronica Mars!Every week starting in April, tune in to Veronica Mars on UPN to see if your party is chosen as the featured party that airs during that week’s episode. Even if your party doesn’t make it on UPN, make sure to check out to see if it is online.Creativity counts and don’t forget to express why you are the biggest Veronica Mars fan. This is an excellent opportunity to convert your friends into Veronica Mars fans!!!!Please keep in mind that if your video is broadcast on TV, it will need to be brightly lit and the audio will need to be clear. Also, in order to ensure that we can use it, the video can’t include any copyrighted materials, such as logos on clothing, music or television programming playing in the background, or signage, like posters, paintings, photographs, and etc. The featured parties will run during a commercial break and UPN’s producers will be editing your footage into an on-air promo, so the tape only needs to be a few minutes long. Finally, depending on your home video camera, VHS, mini-DV or DVD are best.In order for UPN to be able to use your tape on air or on, you and all of your friends at the party need to sign releases and provide a current photograph of each of you so we can identify who everyone is. If you are interested in submitting a tape, please email Sienna Sanders ( or Chelsea Hettrick ( to get a copy of the releases as well as the mailing address for where to send your tape


Blogger Queen TV said...

I'm not sure what kinds of questions you want to (or can) ask but here are a few:

1. Did Logan plant the coke in Dr. Griffith's bathroom?

2. What role will the Top Model challenge winner Furonda be playing?

3. What did Kendall do in Duncan's shower?

4. Will there be a cliffhanger at the end of the season finale?

5. To Jason: What surprises him the most when he watches the shows air at home?

6. To Either: What has been your favorite "mystery of the week" this season?

7. To Rob: Which of the episodes coming up is your favorite?

8. By moving to the CW will that change your marketing in any way? (Ie, no more blogger's press day's, all the interviews and such with fans, ect).

9:48 AM  
Blogger tvgirl13 said...

All very good questions! I especially love the first one. I never even thought about that! That Logan sure can be sneaky!!

10:09 AM  
Blogger duckyxdale said...

Veronica Mars is moving back to Tuesdays starting next week.


12:43 PM  
Anonymous Kara said...

Here are some questions that I've been trying to get asked for ages. Some are from me and some are from others. I made a big list at some point for one of Rob's Q&As and these are the ones that haven't been answered yet.

1. Is Rob planning to do any more episode commentaries to put on his website? Have any of the other writers or people involved in the show considered doing commentaries to post on Rob's site?

2. In A Trip to the Dentist, after Logan confesses to Veronica his involvement in the incident at Shelly's party, why does he then leave the room to get a drink? Was he working up the courage to tell Veronica he was in Neptune the day Lilly was killed? Or was he just trying to stop them from going too far physically? Or does he just really like alcohol?

3. Is there an explanation for why Meg was the only survivor of the bus crash? Some people noticed that she sat closer to the emergency exit than anybody else on the bus. Did she really die of a blod clot, or might there be more to it?

4. What is the timeline of Veronica/Lilly/Duncan/Logan's friendship? If Logan has known Duncan since kindergarten but moved to town at 12, were they buds at summer camp or something? How/when did Veronica and Lilly become best friends?

5. Do you really see Veronica as not being raped at all, after finding out the truth? Or just that Veronica herself no longer considers it rape? Many would say that BOTH Duncan and Veronica were raped, by unfortunate circumstance and the actions of others. Would you agree with this?

6. (a sort of alternate take on question 5) Will the rape issue ever be brought up again or is it something you'd rather not deal with anymore? Do you think Veronica is still struggling with it, or has she come to some sort of peace with it? Do you see its influence in any of her actions this season?

7. What would you establish as the most significant theme of the series? The season? Is there one overarching theme that you want to show to be portraying? One theme that you believe defines the show. Like it's mission statement.

8. Are we going to find out what happened or will happen to Grace Manning, Meg's youngest sister who was being emotionally abused by her parents? (He misread the question last time it was asked, but I still want to know the answer) Will we see more of any of the other children Veronica babysat (e.g the Fuller son or the Goodman son)

8:17 PM  

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