Wednesday, March 22, 2006

It's Been Awhile

I've been kind of slacking lately in my posts but I've got some good stuff saved up. Let's get straight to the Veronica news. First off Kristen Bell is my new favorite person ever. I got home Saturday and checked my mail even though I knew it was just going to be boring bills. But instead I find an interesting envelope that is postmarked San Diego. What the heck! I don't know anyone in SD. I open the envelope and what do I find? A handwritten card from Veronica Mars herself Kristen Bell! Holy freaking cow! She wrote me a personal note thanking me for visiting the set and apologizing for not having more time to hang out with us. What? How is this world so twisted that she is thanking me? Bizarre! Anyway it was awesome and it's officially confirmed that I'm obessed with VM and now Kristen Bell!! So who's jealous that Kristen Bell and I are now officially best friends forever? I mean she signed the note with a heart so that means we're BFFs right? I've got more exciting VM news to come so hang out!


Blogger Sheila said...

No way--she's so totally my BFF! Hands off. ;-)

3:55 PM  

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