Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hanging with Jen and Vince

I heard on the radio today that Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are in town doing re-shoots for their movie The Break Up which filmed in Chicago this summer. What do I see not two minutes after I hear this news? Only the set where they are filming for the day and tons of trailers and all that good stuff. Luckily it was only a few blocks from my office so I headed down there at lunch and watched Jen and Vince film. I didn't get as close to them as I did last time (as the pic shows) but it was still close The weird thing was that there were a bunch of paparrazi there, the security guards were doing their best to block their shots which was humorous. So that was a fun little lunchtime adventure. Back to TV news now!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


In case any of you are sobbing at your desk because of the VM rumors I'm here to let you know they are false!! A fake article was circulating today that VM was "canned." None of this is true and Rob Thomas last night even discussed a third season which is looking very likely. So chin up and don't forget to watch tonight at 9 PM/8 PM CST on UPN. The name of the episode is The Rapes of Graff which is as good of an indication as any that the episode is going to be superb.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Rob Thomas and Jason Dohring are the best

I just finished up the telepress conference with Rob and Jason. They were both awesome. Jason was about 40 minutes late but Rob gave us some good stuff to make up for it. My hand is about to fall off from writing all the info they gave down but I'll tell you all the good stuff tomorrow. I did get to talk to Rob but I didn't get on the phone in time for Jason. Oh well, what can you do!! Tomorrow I'll have some ideas about the format of season 3 and details on what's going on with Hannah as well as all sorts of other good stuff including previously unknown info about season 1.

It's Been Fun

In case you haven't heard Arrested Development is over, dunzo, finito, no more. The creator of the show Mitch Hurwitz decided to not continue with the show. So that means no more AD on Fox and virtually no chance of AD on Showtime. The only possibility of seeing the Bluths again is in a movie according to Kristin Veitch at E!,
"The only glimmer of hope I can offer you is that my sources tell me a motion picture is certainly still a possibility.As you may remember, Jason Bateman told me to pay particular notice of the very last scene of Arrested's finale, in which Ron Howard tells Maebe "I don't see it as a show -- maybe a movie," saying that could be very indicative of the future of the show."

So we can all uncross our fingers and toes and whatever else you had crossed. I can't say I'm suprised that this happened but I'm definitely bummed. We'll always have the DVDs!

Last Chance

If you have any questions for the creator of Veronica Mars Rob Thomas or Jason Dohring who plays Logan let me know ASAP, I'll be talking to both of them tonight and I have lots of hard hitting questions prepared. Ok I actually have three questions but they're good ones and there's still time. So let me know everything you've ever been dying to ask Jason or Rob!!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Really, Really, Really,Must See TV

Everwood is finally back after an almost four month break!! Don't forget to check out two new back to back episodes starting at 8 PM/ 7 PM CST on the WB. This show has quality writing, r characters you can relate to and great plot lines. But you already know that right! This show is in serious danger of not being picked up next year, so make sure you all watch. I will bet you a quarter that if you watch you'll like it! Don't forget!
Note: Watch Everwood but don't forget to record Prison Break. Why do all the good shows need to overlap? Argh!!

Blogger is being uncooperative so no pictures!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Michael Scofield's Digits

I know a lot of you single girls (and some not so single girls) are all about this season's resident hunk (did I just say hunk?) on Prison Break Wentworth Miller. Personally he just doesn't do it for me, but I have something everyone is going to want. A phone number that was tattooed on his body and was visible on Monday's amazing episode. I called the number and it's real and works and the person who answers has some interesting things to say.
Here you go, (312) 909-3529. Don't say I never did anything for you.

Note: Blogger isn't cooperating with me right now so a pic of Wenty will be up later today.

Major VM News

Thanks to my friend duckyxdale I just learned that VM is moving back to it's original home, Tuesday nights. I am completely and utterly shocked. They put the show on hiatus for a few weeks to wait for America's Next Top Model to return and now they are moving it away from ANTM. The move is supposedly to get the show out of the same timeslot as the massive hits Lost and American Idol but AI is going to be on Tuesday as well as Wednesday. My big question is when was UPN going to let the viewers know this big change was happening. I don't watch UPN for any other show besides VM so commercials announcing the move would be pointless for me and I'm sure many other viewers. Ok, enough of my rant here is the article from Zap2It.

New Orbit for 'Veronica Mars'
Show moves to Tuesdays, away from 'Idol'
March 23 2006

LOS ANGELES -- UPN is sending "Veronica Mars" back to her old home for the remainder of the season, which may be both good and bad news for the series.Starting next week, "Veronica" will air at 9 p.m. ET Tuesdays -- the same timeslot it held last season. Repeats are scheduled to air on Wednesdays for at least the next two weeks; plans for after that "will be announced shortly," the network says.

With the move, "Veronica Mars" will lose its strong lead-in, "America's Next Top Model," which helped boost the critically loved high-school noir's ratings in the fall. "Veronica's" ratings have suffered in recent airings, however, partly due to the absence of "Top Model" and partly due to the return of "American Idol."

For the season, it's averaging about 2.4 million viewers per week, just about even with its numbers this time last year.Moving the show to Tuesdays does get it out of "Idol's" path, as well as that of ABC's "Lost" and CBS' "Criminal Minds." It will, however, have to go up against FOX's "House" and CBS' emerging hit "The Unit."What the change means for "Veronica's" chances to make the jump to The CW next season remains to be seen.

UPN President Dawn Ostroff, who will run the new network, is a fan of the show. Still, its marginal ratings make a pickup for The CW, which will feature programs from both UPN and The WB, less than certain.

This makes me really nervous that the show is in danger of not being picked up by the new CW network. Ahhh!!!

Back in The Office...finally

The Office tonight is a! But the good news is it's a funny repeat. Here's the premise for the episode tonight:

HOW TO CHOOSE A HEALTH CARE PLAN BY DWIGHT SCHRUTE -- When Corporate wants Michael (Steve Carell) to pick a cheaper health plan for his employees, rather than lose popularity points with his staff, he shirks the responsibility and Dwight (Rainn Wilson) happily accepts the task. Delighted with his new position of power, Dwight takes over the conference room as his new "office" and manages to offend everyone by asking staff members to divulge their private medical history. Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Jenna Fischer) jokingly create fake illnesses only to infuriate Dwight.

Brilliant! Last week was my first new episode of The Office since January! Can you believe it? Luckily the episode kept me laughing so hard that I couldn't think about all the other episodes I missed.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Lots Going On...

The VM publicists have been working overtime lately and I've got lots to share. First up next Tuesday I've been invited to a telepress conference with Jason Dohring and Rob Thomas. This is my second chance! I need to come up with some really good questions to ask Rob and Jason. I had Rob all to myself for about three minutes during my VM set visit and you know what I did, I totally blanked out on all the questions I've ever wanted to ask him and I told him that the food was really good. I made such a fool out of myself! All the other bloggers had all these hard hitting questions and I'm like wow this salmon is tasty! So leave me some questions in the comments or email me. Also don't forget to watch a new episode of VM tonight at 9/8 CST on UPN. But I know you would never forget!

In other VM news UPN is letting fans take over the network. Ok not quite but you and your friends could be shown during a commercial break on VM. Here are the details:

If you videotape you and your friends watching Veronica Mars, you may get a chance to see yourself on national TV!UPN is offering its dedicated Veronica Mars bloggers a great opportunity to have your 15-seconds of fame! Every week, get a group of friends together for a Veronica Mars viewing party and shoot some video of your event. The tape can include anything you want: sound bites of your friends talking about their favorite characters, you saying why you love Veronica Mars, or a group shout-out to your friends and family in your hometown. But keep it clean, because your tape could end up airing on UPN during an episode of Veronica Mars!Every week starting in April, tune in to Veronica Mars on UPN to see if your party is chosen as the featured party that airs during that week’s episode. Even if your party doesn’t make it on UPN, make sure to check out to see if it is online.Creativity counts and don’t forget to express why you are the biggest Veronica Mars fan. This is an excellent opportunity to convert your friends into Veronica Mars fans!!!!Please keep in mind that if your video is broadcast on TV, it will need to be brightly lit and the audio will need to be clear. Also, in order to ensure that we can use it, the video can’t include any copyrighted materials, such as logos on clothing, music or television programming playing in the background, or signage, like posters, paintings, photographs, and etc. The featured parties will run during a commercial break and UPN’s producers will be editing your footage into an on-air promo, so the tape only needs to be a few minutes long. Finally, depending on your home video camera, VHS, mini-DV or DVD are best.In order for UPN to be able to use your tape on air or on, you and all of your friends at the party need to sign releases and provide a current photograph of each of you so we can identify who everyone is. If you are interested in submitting a tape, please email Sienna Sanders ( or Chelsea Hettrick ( to get a copy of the releases as well as the mailing address for where to send your tape

It's Been Awhile

I've been kind of slacking lately in my posts but I've got some good stuff saved up. Let's get straight to the Veronica news. First off Kristen Bell is my new favorite person ever. I got home Saturday and checked my mail even though I knew it was just going to be boring bills. But instead I find an interesting envelope that is postmarked San Diego. What the heck! I don't know anyone in SD. I open the envelope and what do I find? A handwritten card from Veronica Mars herself Kristen Bell! Holy freaking cow! She wrote me a personal note thanking me for visiting the set and apologizing for not having more time to hang out with us. What? How is this world so twisted that she is thanking me? Bizarre! Anyway it was awesome and it's officially confirmed that I'm obessed with VM and now Kristen Bell!! So who's jealous that Kristen Bell and I are now officially best friends forever? I mean she signed the note with a heart so that means we're BFFs right? I've got more exciting VM news to come so hang out!

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Two of my favorite fellow bloggers have some brand new interviews up with Veronica Mars cast members.

GiveMeMyRemote has an amazing interview with Jason Dohring aka Logan Echolls

TubeTalk scored an interview with Percy Daggs aka Wallace Fennel and it's hilarious

I would definitely recommend checking both of these interviews out, they are highly entertaining. I'm definitely very jealous! Hopefully I'll have some new posts up soon. There is a lot to talk about!

Monday, March 13, 2006

McDreamy, McSteamy and McDuncan?

Grey's Anatomy returned last night after a quick break because of the Oscars. I somehow managed to miss the first 20 minutes of the episode and when I finally did start watching I saw something very startling and rubbed my eyes so hard that my contact came out. Was that Duncan Kane (aka Teddy Dunn) I just saw in the Seattle Grace emergency room? Yep, there was Veronica Mars ex-boyfriend who just fled to Mexico with his illegitimate child sitting in an emergency room in Seattle pretending to be a high school hockey player. Talk about two worlds colliding! I'm glad to see that Teddy has been getting some work since his so sad departure from VM. And you really can't find a bigger tv show than Grey's! During the VM Bloggers Press Day two weeks ago Rob Thomas told us that Teddy was going to law school. Maybe he had a change of plans and will be running back to VM soon! I think the big guest star (for non-VM fans) of last night's episode was supposed to be Natalie Cole who I struggled to identify since I was holding one of my contacts in my hand. But it was indeed her and I think she did a great job. I definitely need to rewatch this episode since I missed a lot of the beginning but it was a decent episode. I guess we've been spoiled because the Super Bowl episodes were amazing!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Disappointment of the week

The Project Runway finale aired last night and I have been looking forward to this episode since the beginning of this season. Well I'm dog/house sitting this week and I get myself all comfy on the couch with some snacks and turn on Bravo. But I can't find Bravo, it is nowhere to be found on the 200 plus channels they have. What the heck? So I go downstairs to where their Tivo is and I attempt to Tivo PR, but PR isn't showing up in the listings. Somehow this house which has 12 different ESPN channels doesn't get Bravo. So I missed the finale, the whole darn thing! I told myself that I would get it off iTunes and not spoil myself by peeking to see who won. Well I definitely peeked and I definitely know who won. If you don't want to be spoiled skip the rest of this post. So Chloe wins, which I think is kind of lame. I like Chloe and all and during the season I thought she was great but she just doesn't seem to be as passionate about design as Santino or Daniel V were. Chloe even said that she doesn't think she'll leave Houston and her shop there. I never thought that I'd be rooting for Santino but I for sure thought the winner would be Daniel V. or Santino. I'm sure both Daniel and Santino will land on their feet but I'm definitely bummed that they didn't win. And I still think Nick deserved to be in the final three. What a crock! Here is a link to video of Kara's fashion week collection. She got to show a collection so that no one would know who for sure the final three were. I like a few of her designs but most of it seems pretty out there. Lots of skirts with leggins underneath, but what do I know, I shop at Target!

Let the catfights begin...

So what did everyone think of the cycle 6 premiere of America's Next Top Model last night? Do you think it's a bad sign that my favorite part of the premiere was the Veronica Mars commercials for next week's show? ANTM had a two hour premiere but I missed about 45 minutes at the beginning. I'm very glad I missed the beginning because they were just narrowing down the models from around 30 potential candidates to 13. This seems really silly to me because photos of the 13 girls participating in the show have been online for a few weeks, even on the ANTM website. After the first episode I think this season looks like a toss-up. I think it could either be all drama and arguments or it could be a fierce (Tyra's favorite word) competition. There are some really gorgeous girls but there are also some that seem like easy targets. I think Kari (pictured) is my favorite girl right now and I bet she has a good chance of winning. Nnenna also seems like an early favorite. One thing I know for sure I miss Janice Dickinson as a judge, she might have been obnoxious but she certainly kept things interesting.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Yet Another Guilty Pleasure

I just wanted to remind everyone that America's Next Top Model returns tonight with a big whopping two hour premiere. This is the sixth time around for ANTM, can you believe it? This season is all about fairy tales coming true. I don't exactly understand why they need a theme for each season but I guess that's why Tyra is making the big bucks and not me. Last season had plenty of drama but only a handful of interesting characters, so I'm hoping this time around I actually like most of the girls. The premiere airs tonight at 8/7 C on UPN.

A little bit of Andrae...

The Project Runway finale is finally here and in just a few short hours a new winner will be crowned. Go Daniel! Anway, if you are like me and super excited for tonight maybe a little Andrae will make the day go faster. He cracks me up! Here is a clip from the Project Runway reunion show including Kara and Chloe hilariously imitating Andrae.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Best news I've heard all day...

Bravo announced today that Project Runway will be back for a third season! Hurray!
The season finale of Project Runway 2 is tomorrow. Will it be Chloe, Daniel or Santino who walks away with the prize? I'm rooting for Daniel but after last weeks episode it looks like Santino might have the best collection! Imagine that!

They're (almost) baaack...

Prison Break returns to Mondays on FOX in just a few shorts weeks after a long winter's nap. I'm so excited to have this show back! I think on Monday nights I'm going to need to take some valium or something in order to get to sleep and come down from the suspense and craziness of watching Prison Break and 24 back to back. FX is going to be airing all the Prison Break episodes from this fall in anticipation of the show's return. This is perfect for those of you who have heard how great Prison Break is but never watched or if you missed a few episodes and could never get into it again. The Prison Break marathon will be March 19 from 12 to 7 PM on FX. I'll probably watch the last few episodes just to refresh my memory!

To Do:

I still need to write up the second half of my Veronica Mars set visit, hopefully sometime tomorrow night I'll get the chance. I haven't forgotten I promise! Only eight days until a new episode, Versatile Toppings, airs!

So I'm Lame

I fell asleep at 11 PM on Saturday, the really sad part is that I was so excited for SNL this weekend with Natalie Portman hosting. I watched a little bit of it and it wasn't that funny and before I knew it I was sound asleep. It looks like I missed another hilarious digital short. NBC forced YouTube to take their clips down but you can view the short here.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Fasten your seat belts...

24 is on tonight with "a special 2 hour event." This two hour episode is supposed to be huge with lots of suprises and tons of suspenful moments as usual. Am I the only one who is always disappointed whenever FOX says something big is happening on 24? Maybe it's just me but either way this episode is not to be missed.

The Blahscars

Is it just me or were the Oscars beyond boring last night? The only real surprise came at the end of the night when Crash won for Best Picture but even that wasn't a huge surprise. All the actors who won seemed so nonchalant about it, I was expecting Reese Witherspoon to get all emotional but she barely even reacted. Same with George Clooney, Rachel Weisz and Philip Seymour Hoffman. The whole show was almost intolerable, and I normally adore the Oscars. Even the pre-show was almost unwatchable, what is E! thinking putting Isaac Mizrahi in the red carpet, he has no clue what he's doing. For the love of God the man is a fashion designer not a television personality and interviewer. I saw him at one point drag a man away from a conversation he was having to be on camera. How rude! The only good parts about the show were Jon Stewart who I thought was great even though he is getting panned today and when Three Six Mafia won.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Project Runway: The Musical

Here is the YouTube video I've been looking for! Finally I found it and you'll never guess where, on Santino's blog! His blog is worth checking out! Anyway this video of mostly Santino singing is hysterical!!

Stay Tuned

More photos and part two of my recap will be up sometime this weekend as well as normal posts about shows besides Veronica Mars (shocking I know) so stay tuned!

The Jackpot

Here is me with Jason Dohring aka Logan Echolls. The picture didn't really turn out properly which I'm bummed about but it will have to do. He really couldn't have been nicer to us! Oh and no paper bag over my head!!


Here is a row of lockers in the main hallway of Neptune High. To the left of the lockers is the infamous bathroom. I'll have a picture of the bathroom up very soon.

Lilly Kane Fountain

This is a really poor picture of the Lily Kane fountain which is at the main entrance of Neptune High. Rob Thomas told us that he took the wording that's on the fountain from a memorial to a dog on an episode of Freaks and Geeks. Very interesting!

More Veronica Mars Photos

Here are a few more pics from the set of VM.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Not Gonna Happen

Posting the second half of my recap is just not going to happen today. I'm way too busy! Sorry! But to cheer you up just a tiny here is a picture of Rob Thomas in front of a seriously destroyed bus. Apparently we'll be seeing this bus in a few flashbacks in upcoming episodes. Again sorry for the picture quality, I guess it's probably time for me to buy a digital camera!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Veronica and Me

Ok so here is a lovely picture of Kristen Bell when she took some time to chat with us during the blogger press day. In that picture you can see my elbow and shoulder, exciting stuff I know! But I'll take what I can get since we didn't get to take pictures with her. A big thank you to fellow blogger Sheila from The Vast Wasteland for the picture.

Dick and The Beav

Here I am with Dick (Ryan Hansen) and the Beav (Kyle Gallner) They were so much fun! And I think they loved taking pics with us as much as we loved taking pics with them. Again I have the lovely paper bag over my head to protect my anonymity.

A few photos

Here is a picture of me holding the VM clapboard ( I think I might have just made that term up) but when you look at the pic you'll understand. In order to stay anonymous I have drawn a lovely paper bag over my head!! Sorry that the photo quality is so poor, my prints look fine but the photo cd is really light! I fixed it a little in Photoshop!

Best Supporting Characters

Here is an interesting article in the Chicago Tribune today about the 13 best supporting characters on tv today. You have to be registered to view the article on the Tribune website so here is the full text:

13 terrific supporting characters now on TV
By Maureen RyanTribune staff reporter
Published March 1, 2006

Additional material published March 1, 2006:CORRECTIONS AND CLARIFICATIONSIn a story in today's preprinted Tempo section about remarkable supporting characters on television, a photograph of actor Michael Vartan incorrectly accompanied an item about fellow "Alias" cast member Kevin Weisman.Here is a baker's dozen of our favorite supporting performances in current shows.

Though not all of these characters will achieve the legendary status of Deputy Barney Fife, they're still pretty swell:

Dwight Schrute on NBC's "The Office," played by Rainn Wilson: The most obvious heir to Knotts, Schrute is another gangly misfit who has, to put it mildly, an interesting take on life. Wilson's gift for physical comedy is inspiring, but his deadpan delivery is what really puts him in a class by himself.

Barney Stinson on CBS' "How I Met Your Mother," played by Neal Patrick Harris: In his own way, Barney Stinson, an acerbic, quip-spewing ladies man, is a modern-day descendant of Barney Fife, in that Stinson, as gleefully portrayed by Harris, is often more entertaining than the show's official leads. Stinson certainly gets the best lines, and Harris appears to be having a truckload of fun while stealing the show out from under his co-stars.

Chloe O'Brian on Fox's "24," played by Mary Lynn Rajskub: As the office ubernerd at Los Angeles' Counter Terrorism Unit, O'Brian is surly, sarcastic and utterly unimpressed by bureaucratic authority. Those are all reasons to love her.

Dr. Miranda Bailey on ABC's "Grey's Anatomy," played by Chandra Wilson: How Wilson makes this fearsome medical supervisor scary, sympathetic and even funny all at the same time is beyond us. Never mind, she's often the best thing about this delicious show.

Julius on UPN's "Everybody Hates Chris," played by Terry Crews: You think your dad was cheap? You haven't met this father, who can look at an overturned glass of milk and see just how many pennies that spilled beverage cost him. In Crews' hands, though, Julius' comic cheapness emerges as a twisted form of love -- he works multiple jobs and is constantly wondering whether he'll be able to pay the rent this month. Rarely have money worries been this funny.

Dr. Perry Cox on NBC's "Scrubs," played by John C. McGinley: Over the years, Dr. Cox's clipped, barely restrained torrents of abuse toward one and all -- and especially toward his hapless former intern, John Dorian -- have metamorphosed into an art form. They're arias of hate, if you will. There are few things on TV funnier than seeing Dr. Cox deliver a verbal beat-down.

Joy on NBC's "My Name Is Earl," played by Jaime Pressley: Pressley doesn't shy away from the fact that Joy, Earl Hickey's ex-wife, is as white trash as they come. She actually glories in Joy's trailer-park roots, and somehow is able to bring honesty and subtle characterization to what could have been a grab bag of stereotypes. Joy's a hoot, and she makes a funny show even better.

Logan Echolls on UPN's "Veronica Mars," played by Jason Dohring: As Veronica's bitter ex, this cynical rich kid gets all the best lines, and Dohring's delivery of them is note perfect. Women always fall for the bad boy. Dohring's electric portrayal of this secretly hurting upper-class brat is the sort of stuff that launches thousands of LiveJournal entries.

Dr. Oliver Barnes on CBS' "Out of Practice," played by Ty Burrell: There's nothing all that original about this doctor-centric comedy, which returns later in March, but Burrell's wonderful way with a put-down is worth the price of admission.

Marshall Flinkman on ABC's "Alias," played by Kevin Weisman: Whatever the far-out mission, whatever the insanely complex gadget, we can always count on Flinkman, the in-house tech guru on "Alias," to make it funny. Complicated spy sagas are not usually chock-full of laughs, but Flinkman's stumbling-nerd delivery and sympathetic demeanor have given "Alias" its heart for five seasons.

Brian on Fox's "Family Guy," voiced by Seth McFarlane: Those Greeks had their Greek choruses. The Griffin family has Brian, a martini-swilling dog who wearily comments on the Griffins' constant misadventures with a wit as dry as his chosen cocktail. Even when "Family Guy's" having an off night, Brian's seen-it-all commentary is always a treat.

E.B. Farnum on "Deadwood," played by William Sanderson: Who said sniveling wasn't an art form? As tavern owner Al Swearengen's errand boy, Farnum has taken groveling to new highs -- or lows, depending on how you look at it. Through Sanderson's portrayal, as skilful as any other on this ridiculously well-acted show, the hotelier Farnum is more than just a puppet; he's a tragic figure in a worn frock coat, a reminder that the Old West wasn't all just cowboys and Conestoga wagons, but a place full of stressful business intrigues as well.

Claudette Wyms on FX's "The Shield," played by C.C.H. Pounder: This dogged detective hasn't always gotten the showiest story lines, but without question, she's the moral center of this complicated, endlessly compelling cop drama. Let's hope Wym's illness, which just took a turn for the worse, won't keep her off duty permanently; the cops at the grotty Farmington district headquarters will miss her, but not as much as viewers would miss Pounder, who has subtly created TV's most compelling female cop.

So there you have it, definitely some favorites of mine on there!!

Oh the horror!!

All day at the VM set the other bloggers were waiting for me to scream when we met the actors. I guess I come across as a teeny bopper type. Anyway I never came remotely close to screaming but I did let out a little yelp when I got to the very last picture on my camera. It was a picture of me and Jason Dohring and it didn't turn out! I mean you can see me and you can see Jason but it definitely looks a little funky!! I was always the one all day who "broke the seal" and asked the actors to take a picture with me and now this happened. Why me?

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