Friday, February 03, 2006

Unexpected and Hilarious!

So my tv watching lately hasn't been sub-par, I've just been busy with school, work and 4 hour doctor appointments (don't get me started!) I missed Veronica Mars and Project Runway because of my very, very late doctor. But the good news is that I caught a replay of Project Runway last night and it was the most hilarious episode yet. Hilarious might not be a word you often think of to describe Project Runway but this episode was. Santino was doing impressions of Tim Gunn the whole episode which was priceless. Apparently Santino has developed in his head this little relationship between Tim Gunn and Andrae and I guess they go to Red Lobster a lot and have just gone through the honeymoon period of their relationship. So Santino was imitating Tim and it was just so funny, he is so dead-on. Of course Tim confronted him about it (who spilled the beans) he thought it was funny but wanted to hear Santino do it. So for one episode Santino went from being evil and crazy to being funny and crazy. So anyway the challenge this week was to make an outfit out of plants and flowers. It was a really interesting challenge and all the dresses turned out well. Chloe asked the boys when they came out to their parents and Daniel V, my Daniel V, responded. He responded which of course means he is gay. I was so shocked! I totally pegged him as being straight. So that was a big shocker. The only guy in the competition who isn't gay was Daniel F which also shocked me. He just came across as gay to me. Call me crazy! Daniel V. won the challenge (his dress was really cute) and won immunity for the next challenge. Andrae got sent home, which makes sense, he and Kara (though I loved her dress this challenge) were probably the two worst overall. My guesses for the final three are Daniel V, Chloe and Nick. But hey anything can happen! The picture is of Tim Gunn skating with Emmit. Sorry this post is so long, I know none of you guys like this show but I just can't help it!


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