Wednesday, February 22, 2006


So I sincerely hope that everyone watched Grey's Anatomy on Sunday ( I almost forgot because I had Monday off!) because they are on a roll! I thought this episode was just as good as the past two episodes. Of course another hottie made his way onto the show and received the new nickname of McSteamy ( get it McDreamy and McSteamy, har har.) Anyway the big doings in the episode came at the end when George worked up the courage (finally!) to tell Meredith how he feels. He literally said all the right things and I just melted. Apparently Meredith melted too because they immediately began taking each others clothes off. So naive stupid little me was all excited, I'm a nice person and this is what George wanted for so long! Well it appears that everyone else who watches this show thinks that Meredith is just using George because she is lonely and she will pretty much tear his heart out next episode. Hopefully that won't happen but you know what they say, characters living happily ever after doesn't make for good tv. This sentiment is echoed by Krista Vernoff's comments on the writers blog Grey Matter. Anyway I think George's new nickname should be McFumbly, I always think of him kind of fumbling around, thats what makes him cute though!


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