Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Fond Farewell...

I hope that everyone watched the two hour season (series?) finale of Arrested Development on Friday? I know the Olympic opening ceremonies were tempting but I'm confident that AD was much more entertaining. I thought the episode (it was actually four half hour episodes) was hilarious. I mean hello they went to Iraq! It can't get any funnier than that! I also thought Justine Bateman did a great job at Nelly the missing sister/lady of the evening! Too funny. I also loved the storyline between Maeby and George Michael, it was just classic! I was dreading each minute that ticked by during the episode because I knew it was just getting closer and closer to the end. Ok I'm being a little dramatic but it's true!


Anonymous Sarcasmo said...

Oh man, I managed to tape over the first half hour by accident (stupid recurring program on my VCR) but I got the last 3 eps and they were AWESOME. When Michael said "I'm not going to tolerate any more lying from this family" and Tobias walks in "There's my lovely wife who I'm sexually attracted to." M: "OK, but that's the LAST one"

BEAUTIFUL - If this show isn't picked up, I'm going to lose all faith in humanity (or at least network execs).

1:34 PM  

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