Friday, February 24, 2006


There are going to be some pretty severe consequences associated with my trip to San Diego. First and foremost I'll be missing a new episode of Grey's Anatomy that will air while I'm in flight and on the West Coast again right when I land. This new episode of Grey's seems pretty pivotal to the show and the characters. I mean hello they need to resolve the whole Meredith and George "thing" that went down. Plus there is all sorts of stuff going on with Burke and Cristina and we'll have to see if Alex and Izzie can keepe breaking sex records all over the hospital! And of course I'm crossing my fingers that the Derek/Addison/Mark triangle comes to a head and that Addison and Mark head 3,000 miles away, back to New York, to allow Meredith and Derek to make a go of things. Of course all of those things won't happen in one episode but then again it might only because I'll be missing it not once but twice!!


Blogger Mal said...

San Diego rocks! SDSU Aztec '86! Yeah, I'm old.... so what! Man, I miss that city, I get down about 2-3x a year.

I cant wait for the George & Merideth thing... how are they going to clean this up!?!?! Toooo funny!

Great blog! Great posts!

7:49 PM  
Blogger tiff said...

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