Friday, January 06, 2006

Run! The Mid Season Replacements are Coming!!

Around this time of year networks start filling the holes left by shows canceled in the fall. There are typically a few good mid-season replacements like Grey's Anatomy last year and Jake in Progress but in my opinion they usually aren't that great. I hope that the networks prove me wrong here but we'll see. Kristin Veitch at E!Online tells us in her column what she thinks of each midseason replacement. However one of my favorite midseason replacements is coming back for a second season starting Monday.

Jake in Progress starring John Stamos will return on Monday at 9:30/8:30 CST on ABC. I will admit that I haven't seen every episode of this show but the ones I have seen were pretty good! Here is a synopsis of the season premiere:

"The Lying, The Watch and Jake's Wardrobe"
Jake, fed up with memories of his former fiancée, Annie, intruding into his life, finally decides to get rid of all traces of her. He throws out their old photos and trinkets, erases her last phone message and even donates his fancy suits to charity in hopes of starting fresh.But things don't go as planned when Annie suddenly turns up on his doorstep to retrieve the family watch she gave him before they broke up and he realizes he may still have feelings for her - but now she's engaged to someone else. Meanwhile, new mother Naomi makes a shocking discovery: Once you have a baby, the hospital eventually sends you home with it. She leans on Jake for support in coping with her newborn son. And Patrick has some news of his own: He's going to open up a bakery called "Muffin" that sells nothing but cupcakes.


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