Friday, January 06, 2006


I just realized that besides 24 starting up on Sunday another one of my favorite shows is going to start season 3 on Sunday. If any of you have Showtime I highly, highly recommend checking out The L Word this Sunday. I feel like I just went from having nothing to watch to having like 12 things on at the same time. One of the good things about The L Word being on Showtime is that they replay it over and over again before the next episode. So watch 24 on Sunday and Monday and then catch The L Word season 3 premiere sometime during the week. The L Word's regular time slot is Sunday at 10 PM/9 PM CST. Unfortunately I don't have Showtime so I will be relying on my dear old dad to TiVo it for me. Does that seem odd that my dad and I both watch The L Word and often together? Hmm...


Anonymous Sarcasmo said...

Considering its sexually charged nature, yes, it's a little odd . . . but then again, aren't we all (odd, i mean).

4:33 PM  

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