Friday, January 13, 2006

Now it's time...

Ok after last Friday's disastrous post now it is finally time to get excited for the 4 hour premiere of 24 airing for two hours on Sunday and two hours on Monday. This season promises to be the best ever and the word on the street is that some really huge and unexpected things happen in the first ten minutes of the show. I'm going to go ahead and predict that one of these things is Audrey dying. But what do I know! I am really excited for the new season of 24, as if you couldn't tell by my week early post last Friday! Anyway this show is one of my favorites even though I have only seen one season (season 4). 24 is pretty much a show you can watch and know you won't be disappointed. After the Sunday and Monday premieres the show will air in it's regular Monday time slot. Another fantastic thing that Fox does with this show is air all 24 episodes back to back. So there are no repeats or skipped episodes in the middle of the season! Finally Fox has done something smart with a quality show!!


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