Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Million Little Embellishments

I'm pretty sure I have mentioned before how much I loved the book A Million Little Pieces and it's follow-up book My Friend Leonard. Well I was pissed with a capital p when I heard that some of it was not true. So last night I sat myself down and listened to James Frey (the author) avoid questions and use the same answer over and over again on Larry King Live last night. Frey said that some things in the book are embellished but that is to be expected in a memoir. He also said that he shopped the book around as a fiction novel before trying to get it published as a memoir. I understand that he had to change the names of people and any identifying characteristics but it makes me wonder if he made certain people up. A big part of the second book My Friend Leonard is the time he spent in jail and the effects of being in jail (the books starts a day or two before he gets out but things happen because he is in jail that haunt him for life). Well it turns out Frey has only spent 7 hours in jail waiting for his buddies to post bail. This is what bothers me the most, the fact that he was never in jail. All the other things kind of suck but aren't a huge deal. This is! I am really beginning to question a lot of the characters in AMLP and My Friend Leonard especially Leonard and Lilly. I will be very interested if the truth ever came out. I have to say that I did feel bad for him last night. To go from such a high to such a low must be really tough, especially when everyone who read the book is questioning it. A Million Little Pieces amd My Friend Leonard are still great books but I would just take it with a grain of salt.


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