Thursday, January 05, 2006

How Do You Do It Santino?

There was an all new Project Runway last night and it was a really interesting episode. The challenge was that the designers had to create a party dress for a famous socialite who turned out to be Nicky Hilton. I think it would have been cool if they used a socialite who was less obvious but whatever. So they received a few pics of Nicky and got to work. They met Nicky at a party and showed her their dresses. Then the next day there was a runway show with all the regular judges and Nicky. Damn Santino won again and I think it had nothing to do with his dress. He just really turned it on at the party. His dress was good but I thought Nick's was way better and so was Chloe's and Andrae's was pretty good also. Guadalupe was sent home after creating a god awful dress. Marla was almost eliminated because her dress was almost an exact copy of a dress that Nicky wore in a picture they were given. The blue dress with the black stripe is Chloe's dress and the other dress is Santino's. More dresses to come.


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