Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Grey's Anatomy Shocker!

Wow, what an episode! Was the audience supposed to know that Izzie had a kid? Was that revealed in season 1? I was pretty shocked but I thought it was obvious at the beginning of the episode that the story was going to go that way, or at least that sub-plot with Izzie. Also how awesome was that moment in the linen closet with Meredith and Derek, they so almost kissed. I totally thought it was going to happen, but of course it didn't. Darn! I also thought the doctor filling in for Dr. Bailey was hilarious and I loved how annoyed Cristina was with her. I hope though Burke and Cristina don't have problems because of Burke questioning the flesh-eating bacteria surgery. Yet another great episode from the Grey's crew! Next weeks episode is supposed to be mind-blowing, there is a code black in the hospital, what the heck is that! The episode is after the Super Bowl so you can't miss it, just don't change the channel!


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