Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Extra! Extra!

Here are some photos of next weeks all new (it's about time) episode of Veronica Mars titled "Donut Run!" Lucy Lawless guest stars and pretty much all hell breaks loose. Bring it on!

Photos are courtesy of UPN/Warner Bros.


Anonymous Sarcasmo said...

I am SO totally there . . . if for no other reason than to NOT feel left out when you and GMMR start talking about it.

1:44 PM  
Blogger tvgirl13 said...


2:23 PM  
Blogger Give Me My Remote said...

TVGIRL...we have converted another!!! We own you Sarcasmo.

Hey TVgirl...are you getting the pics from the UPN PR people?

3:32 PM  
Blogger tvgirl13 said...

yes ma'am GMMR!

4:25 PM  
Anonymous Sarcasmo said...

YIKES! Should I be scared?

8:43 AM  
Blogger James Bond Loves Lucy Lawless Forever said...

I was so tremendously aroused, excited, entertained, and fulfilled by seeing the Heavenly Perfect Goddess Lucy's :) Perfect Extremely Sexxxy :) performance on the episode "Donut Run"! The Heavenly Perfect Goddess Lucy :) is so Extremely Hot Sexxxy Beautiful Gorgeous Erotic Stunning Arousing Desirable Delicious Delightful Luscious Voluptuous Heavenly Sexxxy Perfect :) OH GOD YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES LUCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I Love :) the Heavenly Perfect Goddess Lucy :) Infinitely Immeasurably Indescribably Endlessly Heavenly :) Forever :)!

Forever Devoted :) to the Heavenly Perfect Goddess Lucy, :)

James Bond of the Secret Service Who Loves Lucy :) Forever :)

3:01 PM  

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