Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Donut Run

I'm live blogging tonight's episode of Veronica Mars, let's get started shall we? Side note: Obviously there are spoilers below for those who haven't seen the episode.

8 PM - It's starting! Hurray!
8:01 PM - Does the Logan and V interaction get any better? the Angel of Mercy, I love it!
OMG Charisma you are not my friend!
8:02Dick just called V ronnie, not cool!
8:04OH NO Duncan just dumped VM. He is so rude! Who does that the way he did? argh duncan I was rooting for you.
8:05 Poor brokenhearted V, don't let silly Duncan get you down
8:06 Oh meeting of the minds Weevil and Logan, interesting!
8:07 Welcome back Wallace.
8:08 So now we know why wallace came back
8:08 OMG Duncan is gone, ok so I already knew that was going to happen. Veronica arrested? Ok so I knew that was going down also.
8:08 I love the theme song and opening credits to this show. Just fantastic!

8:11 And we're back from break
8:12 Uh oh VM not so smart selling the earrings. Why would you do that?
8:13 Who's the guy next to Celeste in Lamb's office? PI?
8:14 Perverted PI thats for sure
8:15 Ugh Dick is a moron!
8:16 The Kane's PI is creepy, who is this guy?
8:17 Commercial!!

8:2o New teacher? Search engine olympics, awesome!
8:21 Wallace lied, uh-oh. He did play bball in Chi-town.
8:21 What did Logan just write on the bottle with X in it? Hector?
8:22 FBI are here, could it be Xena?
8:23 Welcome to neptune Xena!
8:24 A Cop offering to get VM into a club, shady!! Very, very shady!
8:25 Nick and Jess reference, I love it!
8:26 Sacks = coffee bitch. He must love that!
8:27 Who is the 09er drug dealer? I would guess Logan but it doesn't add up.
8:29 Uh oh, is Duncan a dead man?

8:30 And scene, another commerical break. Why do they keep advertising the VM website as new?
8:33 ugh Get This Party Started promo, not looking so good. I hate that HR Block commercial with the green box and the two guys. Most annoying commercial ever!!
8:34 We're back!
8:35 Ah whats in the note that she gave to the Kanes PI. Obviously a decoy of some sort.
8:36 Weevil is a short little guy!
8:37 More Wallace hurray!
8:38 And the confrontation begins between V and Wallace. What is on V's chin?
8:39 Can you understand what Duncan is saying on the phone? I definitely can't!

8:40 OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG Duncan is in Neptune. In V's apartment complex. Is she is on this. OMG OMG I can't believe it. What is she doing with him and why is she kissing him, he was a big jerk to her!!. Holy crap, this is crazy. V have you gone to the dark side?
8:42 Oooh trailer for KB's new movie Pulse, it looks kinds of like The Grudge. It could be good.
8:44 Longest commercial break ever, aack!
8:45 Ok it's back. First look at the baby, pretty darn cute! OMG she is in on it! What the hell V!
8:46 OMG Duncan is leaving the show, OMG this is so sad! I can't stop saying OMG! Does this mean Duncan is gone forever and ever?
8:47 WUVS? Uh-oh this is not good at all.
8:48 Poor Papa Mars! Poor Wallace!

8:50 I have a feeling this episode is going to have a major cliff hanger.
8:51 Uh oh Papa Mars is crying. What has she done? What were you thinking V? You're supposed to be the good one!
8:52 Her dad is giving up on her!
8:53 So Felix is (was) in with the Fitzpatricks! Dun dun dun!
8:54 OMG OMG OMG and OMG duncan hitched a ride in the cop car, genius! But where is the baby! What the fuck (excuse my french) Meg is alive!! Holy shit! Oh ok thats not Meg just some blonde. OMG the baby is named Lily! The PI guy was in on this? I'm so confused! So much just happened ahhh!
8:56 True Love Stories never have endings, (thats what the fortune cookie said) I think I might cry!
8:56 It can't be over yet! So is Duncan off the show? I guess so, I'm so sad I lurved Duncan!

Ooh next week looks good. So I hope you enjoyed my live blogging of Donut Run. I think I'm still in shock! Time for Project Runway!


Anonymous Sarcasmo said...

I also read (in TV Guide I think) that the numbers on the bottom of the fortune were the same "mystery" numbers from Lost.

That was a pretty good episode, I enjoyed it, and your comments pretty much mirrored what I was thinking while I was watching it.

11:12 AM  
Blogger tvgirl13 said...

Yep that numbers thing was pretty funny. Rob Thomas is so darn clever!

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI, thae PI employed by Celeste was Vinnie Van Lowe, the Mars' rival dtective from season one.

12:43 PM  
Anonymous Derek said...

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9:42 PM  

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