Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Build Me Up Buttercup...

and then you let me down! Ok I was only let down a teeny tiny little bit by 24 on Sunday. I kept saying are the first ten minutes over yet? I was a little bit disappointed when I realized that all this talking Fox had been doing about the first ten minutes of 24 was a bit exaggerated.


For the record I was shocked when David Palmer got shot but I was not suprised at all that Michelle's car blew up and killed her and injured Tony. I kept expecting more things to happen. I thought everyone at CTU was going to die except for Chloe! And I definitely thought Audrey was a dead woman. The episode on Sunday night was still really great and it definitely got me all riled up (I even forgot about the Bears horrible loss for a few minutes!) It's going to be an interesting season! I haven't seen Monday's episodes of 24 yet but let me know what you guys thought of the season so far!


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