Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Did anyone watch 24 last night? I finally got caught up on the 3 hours of 24 I missed and wasn't terribly thrilled at how the season was shaping up, but last night was a fantastic show. I have to admit I only half watched it (I was trying to get my internet connection to work at the same time) but the show really did a few loop de loops. What do you guys think about the new guys on the show? Connie Britton, Brady Corbet and of course Sean Astin? I have always liked Connie Britton and I think she is doing a great job. Brady Corbet is just a little too greasy for my tastes. And of course I hate Rudy's I mean hobbit man's I mean Sean Astin's character, he is such a pompous ass. I feel bad for Buchanan getting the boot in favor of punk Astin. Hopefully 24 will keep up with the quality of the episode that was on last night for the remaining episodes. If that happens it'll be a great season!


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