Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Grey's Anatomy Shocker!

Wow, what an episode! Was the audience supposed to know that Izzie had a kid? Was that revealed in season 1? I was pretty shocked but I thought it was obvious at the beginning of the episode that the story was going to go that way, or at least that sub-plot with Izzie. Also how awesome was that moment in the linen closet with Meredith and Derek, they so almost kissed. I totally thought it was going to happen, but of course it didn't. Darn! I also thought the doctor filling in for Dr. Bailey was hilarious and I loved how annoyed Cristina was with her. I hope though Burke and Cristina don't have problems because of Burke questioning the flesh-eating bacteria surgery. Yet another great episode from the Grey's crew! Next weeks episode is supposed to be mind-blowing, there is a code black in the hospital, what the heck is that! The episode is after the Super Bowl so you can't miss it, just don't change the channel!


Did anyone watch 24 last night? I finally got caught up on the 3 hours of 24 I missed and wasn't terribly thrilled at how the season was shaping up, but last night was a fantastic show. I have to admit I only half watched it (I was trying to get my internet connection to work at the same time) but the show really did a few loop de loops. What do you guys think about the new guys on the show? Connie Britton, Brady Corbet and of course Sean Astin? I have always liked Connie Britton and I think she is doing a great job. Brady Corbet is just a little too greasy for my tastes. And of course I hate Rudy's I mean hobbit man's I mean Sean Astin's character, he is such a pompous ass. I feel bad for Buchanan getting the boot in favor of punk Astin. Hopefully 24 will keep up with the quality of the episode that was on last night for the remaining episodes. If that happens it'll be a great season!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Donut Run

I'm live blogging tonight's episode of Veronica Mars, let's get started shall we? Side note: Obviously there are spoilers below for those who haven't seen the episode.

8 PM - It's starting! Hurray!
8:01 PM - Does the Logan and V interaction get any better? the Angel of Mercy, I love it!
OMG Charisma you are not my friend!
8:02Dick just called V ronnie, not cool!
8:04OH NO Duncan just dumped VM. He is so rude! Who does that the way he did? argh duncan I was rooting for you.
8:05 Poor brokenhearted V, don't let silly Duncan get you down
8:06 Oh meeting of the minds Weevil and Logan, interesting!
8:07 Welcome back Wallace.
8:08 So now we know why wallace came back
8:08 OMG Duncan is gone, ok so I already knew that was going to happen. Veronica arrested? Ok so I knew that was going down also.
8:08 I love the theme song and opening credits to this show. Just fantastic!

8:11 And we're back from break
8:12 Uh oh VM not so smart selling the earrings. Why would you do that?
8:13 Who's the guy next to Celeste in Lamb's office? PI?
8:14 Perverted PI thats for sure
8:15 Ugh Dick is a moron!
8:16 The Kane's PI is creepy, who is this guy?
8:17 Commercial!!

8:2o New teacher? Search engine olympics, awesome!
8:21 Wallace lied, uh-oh. He did play bball in Chi-town.
8:21 What did Logan just write on the bottle with X in it? Hector?
8:22 FBI are here, could it be Xena?
8:23 Welcome to neptune Xena!
8:24 A Cop offering to get VM into a club, shady!! Very, very shady!
8:25 Nick and Jess reference, I love it!
8:26 Sacks = coffee bitch. He must love that!
8:27 Who is the 09er drug dealer? I would guess Logan but it doesn't add up.
8:29 Uh oh, is Duncan a dead man?

8:30 And scene, another commerical break. Why do they keep advertising the VM website as new?
8:33 ugh Get This Party Started promo, not looking so good. I hate that HR Block commercial with the green box and the two guys. Most annoying commercial ever!!
8:34 We're back!
8:35 Ah whats in the note that she gave to the Kanes PI. Obviously a decoy of some sort.
8:36 Weevil is a short little guy!
8:37 More Wallace hurray!
8:38 And the confrontation begins between V and Wallace. What is on V's chin?
8:39 Can you understand what Duncan is saying on the phone? I definitely can't!

8:40 OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG Duncan is in Neptune. In V's apartment complex. Is she is on this. OMG OMG I can't believe it. What is she doing with him and why is she kissing him, he was a big jerk to her!!. Holy crap, this is crazy. V have you gone to the dark side?
8:42 Oooh trailer for KB's new movie Pulse, it looks kinds of like The Grudge. It could be good.
8:44 Longest commercial break ever, aack!
8:45 Ok it's back. First look at the baby, pretty darn cute! OMG she is in on it! What the hell V!
8:46 OMG Duncan is leaving the show, OMG this is so sad! I can't stop saying OMG! Does this mean Duncan is gone forever and ever?
8:47 WUVS? Uh-oh this is not good at all.
8:48 Poor Papa Mars! Poor Wallace!

8:50 I have a feeling this episode is going to have a major cliff hanger.
8:51 Uh oh Papa Mars is crying. What has she done? What were you thinking V? You're supposed to be the good one!
8:52 Her dad is giving up on her!
8:53 So Felix is (was) in with the Fitzpatricks! Dun dun dun!
8:54 OMG OMG OMG and OMG duncan hitched a ride in the cop car, genius! But where is the baby! What the fuck (excuse my french) Meg is alive!! Holy shit! Oh ok thats not Meg just some blonde. OMG the baby is named Lily! The PI guy was in on this? I'm so confused! So much just happened ahhh!
8:56 True Love Stories never have endings, (thats what the fortune cookie said) I think I might cry!
8:56 It can't be over yet! So is Duncan off the show? I guess so, I'm so sad I lurved Duncan!

Ooh next week looks good. So I hope you enjoyed my live blogging of Donut Run. I think I'm still in shock! Time for Project Runway!

Veronica Returns!!

So as we all know Veronica Mars returns tonight for the first time since the middle of December!!! Only about twenty minutes until the show starts. Woohoo!! Since my computer is up and running and since this is supposed to be such a crazy episode I plan on live blogging it. I will post my comments and reactions throughout the show but I won't actually put anything online until the end of the episode. So make sure you come back after the show and we can discuss! I have a feeling I'm going to need therapy after this episode. I can't wait for it!!!!!

Office Memo

So this news is a few days old but NBC announced that The Office will be ending its season in March. The only reason it's ending so soon is so Steve Carrell can shoot a movie. I don't know if NBC means the end of March or the beginning of March. If it is the beginning of March then we have precious few new episodes left since NBC is also home to the Olympics which start in Feb. The good news is that a full 22 episode season of The Office has been picked up for next year. The other good side of this development is that Everwood returns in March in the same timeslot as The Office so now I can watch Everwood without missing The Office and vice versa!!


I was just at Caribou Coffee doing some homework for my class tomorrow and I kept looking at this one guy thinking he looked so familiar and wondering how I knew him. Then all of a sudden it came to me, he was Bright (Chris Pratt) from Everwood. So it wasn't actually Bright but this guy looked just like him except that he had brown hair. Bright is totally one of my tv crushes so needless to say I had a much harder time concentrating after my little discovery! Do you think reading too much of the Chicago Manual of Style can cause hallucinations?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Should I Be Worried?

The huge news story of the day was of course that the WB and UPN would be shutting down and combining to create a new network. That is very exciting but it of course means that a lot of shows that are currently on the WB or UPN might not make the cut to the new network. My first thought when I heard the news was oh my God what if Veronica Mars doesn't make the cut? I will admit I did freak out but for some reason now I have a good feeling that VM will become part of the new network. The show I am now losing sleep over is Everwood. It's ratings have been less than stellar this year and I think there is a good chance that it could be one of the shows axed when the networks merge. Are there any other shows on the WB and UPN that you guys are worried about?

Things are looking up...

So I know that I have been MIA lately and that my posts have been inconsistent but that should all be changing starting right now. My computer is finally fixed! Hurray! Thanks to Geek Squad for spending three hours with me on the phone tonight I can now begin to post from the comfort of my own home. So even if work is super busy you can still expect posts from me! Hurray!

They Do It Again..

The fine folks over at Give Me My Remote have scored another huge interview. Just as I was recovering from the fantastic interview with Jenna and John from The Office they announce they will be interviewing Jason Dohring aka Logan Echolls. Brilliant!! You can submit questions for Logan/Jason over at GMMR and while you are there check out their amazing message boards.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Not Much to Report

Things seem to be pretty slow lately. I can't think of anything to discuss, maybe I'm being lazy or maybe it's because I am getting slammed at work (can you say work weekend, ugh!) Anywho there is less than a week until the new Veronica Mars episode which is great news and I saw approximately 20 seconds of The Office last night. My class takes place right in between the NBC tower and an "on the street" studio for NBC news and when I was walking to my bus stop at about 8:45 they were playing The Office on a big screen with audio and everything. From now on I might have to stop and watch it and then go grab my bus. Something to think about! So how was the episode last night? Anything pivotal happen that I need to know about? I guess I need to just download the episode.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Extra! Extra!

Here are some photos of next weeks all new (it's about time) episode of Veronica Mars titled "Donut Run!" Lucy Lawless guest stars and pretty much all hell breaks loose. Bring it on!

Photos are courtesy of UPN/Warner Bros.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Good Stuff

My friends over at Give Me My Remote have posted an ultra-exclusive interview with Jenna Fischer (Pam) and John Krasinski (Jim) from The Office. It's a great interview and a fun read. I highly recommend checking it out.

Busy, Busy

Sunday afternoon/night was crazy busy tv watching for me. I watched the miserable Bears game which started at 3:30 PM and then straight from the game 24 came on and then I tuned into Grey's Anatomy ten minutes late but as soon as 24 ended. Whew! I'm exhausted just thinking about it. I was so excited about 24 that I almost forget that an all new Grey's was on. The episode was good, not awesome but definitely solid. I loved the interaction between Izzie and Denny (the heart patient) she is so cute. I also loved the flirting between Meredith and Derek, pretty cute. Sandra Oh was also phenomenal as always. I didn't pick up on why she was staring at Bailey's stomach until she did it the second time. Duh! She lost a baby earlier in the season. Oh and how amazing was George with Bex, the hermaphrodite girl. He actually grew a pair and stood up for what he thought was right. Go George!! Bex handled the news better than the doctors or her parents! And I adore the name Bex now! I'm so glad Grey's is back and things are finally starting to get back to normal. For more insight into Sunday's GA episode check out the writer's blog: Grey Matter

Build Me Up Buttercup...

and then you let me down! Ok I was only let down a teeny tiny little bit by 24 on Sunday. I kept saying are the first ten minutes over yet? I was a little bit disappointed when I realized that all this talking Fox had been doing about the first ten minutes of 24 was a bit exaggerated.


For the record I was shocked when David Palmer got shot but I was not suprised at all that Michelle's car blew up and killed her and injured Tony. I kept expecting more things to happen. I thought everyone at CTU was going to die except for Chloe! And I definitely thought Audrey was a dead woman. The episode on Sunday night was still really great and it definitely got me all riled up (I even forgot about the Bears horrible loss for a few minutes!) It's going to be an interesting season! I haven't seen Monday's episodes of 24 yet but let me know what you guys thought of the season so far!

Friday, January 13, 2006


Oh no! I just realized I have a big huge problem, the second two hours of the 24 premiere airs on Monday. Guess what else airs on Monday? The Golden Globes, only my favorite awards show of the season. Ahh dilemma!! I think I will probably watch the Golden Globes and make sure that someone tivo's the second half of 24 for me. Man the stars just have not been aligning for me lately!! On a sidenote I am out of the office on Monday so there probably won't be an updates from me until Tuesday! Happy long weekend!

Now it's time...

Ok after last Friday's disastrous post now it is finally time to get excited for the 4 hour premiere of 24 airing for two hours on Sunday and two hours on Monday. This season promises to be the best ever and the word on the street is that some really huge and unexpected things happen in the first ten minutes of the show. I'm going to go ahead and predict that one of these things is Audrey dying. But what do I know! I am really excited for the new season of 24, as if you couldn't tell by my week early post last Friday! Anyway this show is one of my favorites even though I have only seen one season (season 4). 24 is pretty much a show you can watch and know you won't be disappointed. After the Sunday and Monday premieres the show will air in it's regular Monday time slot. Another fantastic thing that Fox does with this show is air all 24 episodes back to back. So there are no repeats or skipped episodes in the middle of the season! Finally Fox has done something smart with a quality show!!

Missing Michael Scott and Co.

I can't believe it! I can't believe I missed what I have heard is the funniest episode of The Office ever. All for some stupid class that will only help me find a better job and get paid more (can you sense the sarcasm?) Even though I really enjoyed the class I am thoroughly bummed that I will be missing some pretty great shows. I was hoping to see Beauty and the Geek last night also. Did anyone happen to catch it? That show cracked me up, but oh well. You win some and you lose some right?

Thursday, January 12, 2006

What Do You Want First..

So do you want to hear the good news or the bad news first? I'll start with the bad news. I have been sentenced to 8 weeks without watching The Office or any Thursday tv. Why might you ask? Well that is the good news. I am enrolled in a program at the University of Chicago and the first class is Thursdays from 6 to 8:30 PM. I am really excited for the class especially since it is being paid for by work but I am definitely bummed about missing one of my favorites for 8 straight weeks. So you guys will have to keep me in the loop on everything The Office until March 2 which is the last day of my class. If Pam and Jim hook-up while I'm not watching I will lose it!!

A Million Little Embellishments

I'm pretty sure I have mentioned before how much I loved the book A Million Little Pieces and it's follow-up book My Friend Leonard. Well I was pissed with a capital p when I heard that some of it was not true. So last night I sat myself down and listened to James Frey (the author) avoid questions and use the same answer over and over again on Larry King Live last night. Frey said that some things in the book are embellished but that is to be expected in a memoir. He also said that he shopped the book around as a fiction novel before trying to get it published as a memoir. I understand that he had to change the names of people and any identifying characteristics but it makes me wonder if he made certain people up. A big part of the second book My Friend Leonard is the time he spent in jail and the effects of being in jail (the books starts a day or two before he gets out but things happen because he is in jail that haunt him for life). Well it turns out Frey has only spent 7 hours in jail waiting for his buddies to post bail. This is what bothers me the most, the fact that he was never in jail. All the other things kind of suck but aren't a huge deal. This is! I am really beginning to question a lot of the characters in AMLP and My Friend Leonard especially Leonard and Lilly. I will be very interested if the truth ever came out. I have to say that I did feel bad for him last night. To go from such a high to such a low must be really tough, especially when everyone who read the book is questioning it. A Million Little Pieces amd My Friend Leonard are still great books but I would just take it with a grain of salt.

Sha na na na Sh na na na

Hey hey hey goooood bye Marla and Diana! There was a new episode of Project Runway on last night and I thoroughly enjoyed it! They had to design a day to night outfit that would be appropriate fo Banana Republic. My boy Daniel and his partner Andrae won the challenge! Which of course means that Santino didn't win which is fantastic news! Except for one small fact his partner for this challenge was one of my faves Nick. Marla and Diana got the boot after creating the most boring outfit known to man. They tried but it was just a black suit with a silky top underneath. So boring! I'm already looking forward to next week.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Here it is...

Here's the big Veronica news about the fresh episode set to air on Jan 25. Please be forewarned that some spoilers are below but nothing to crazy because this is straight from the PR team behind VM. Check it out:


Lucy Lawless ("Xena") Guest Stars as FBI Agent,Charisma Carpenter ("Angel") Guest Stars as Kendall Casablancas and
Lisa Thornhill ("CSI: Miami") Returns as Celeste Kane

"Donut Run" -- An FBI team, headed up by tough, seasoned Agent Morris (guest star Lucy Lawless), is called in to pursue Duncan after he breaks up with Veronica and flees with Meg's baby, on VERONICA MARS, Wednesday, Jan. 25 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on UPN. Executive producer and creator Rob Thomas wrote and directed the episode. Charisma Carpenter guest stars as Kendall Casablancas and Lisa Thornhill returns as Celeste Kane.

Meanwhile, Wallace reveals the tragic reason why he returned to Neptune. Later, Logan asks his buddy Dick to help in a scheme to weed out which one of Weevil's P.C.H. Biker Boyz framed him for murder.

I'm so sad for Veronica but the episode sounds unbelievable! Only two more weeks and we get to see Donut aka Duncan run!

Stay Tuned for Big Veronica News

This afternoon I will be posting some HUGE news regarding the next episode of Veronica Mars that airs Jan 25.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Merry Beetmas!

Check out the belated holiday present that Kristin Veitch over at E!Online received from our favorite assistant (to the) regional manager Dwight Schrute. Here is what Kristin wrote on the E! message boards:

Office fans, I just got the best promotional holiday mailing (yes, our mailroom is a bit slow) ever: Beets!They are from one Mr. Dwight Schrute, whom you know as Michael Scott's right-hand ass at Dunder Mufflin.I'm gonna try to shoot a pic of this can because you MUST see the photo of Dwight with his cousin Mose with the label that reads "We got the Beet."The letter reads:***

Dear Beet Lovers --Please enjoy this complimentary can of Schrute Farm beets. As you know, our slogan is "We've got the Beet." We almost went with "Just Beet It!" or "The Beet Goes On." But we didn't. Did you know that Beets are "dirty candy"? They can be enjoyed in soups, salads, casseroles or naked!Also, red is a traditional holiday color and beets are red. So are tomatoes, but we don't grow those. So enjoy these fresh, canned beets and just tell them, Dwight Schrute (and his cousin, Mose) sent 'em. That is all.
Happy Holidays, Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas, Kwanzaa, etc.
(Now) Assistant Regional Manager, Dunder-Mifflin Paper Products
MANAGER, Schrute Farms, Inc.

How funny is that? Oh man I love this show. I want some beets dammit!

What the ???

Was Arrested Development not shown last night? When I turned it on House was on instead at both 7 and 8 PM. What the heck is going on? Yesterday I checked the Fox website and they said that one new and one classic episode was going to air. Did anyone else see episodes of House instead of AD? Is AD gone forever? I'm confused and perplexed!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Straight to the Heart

Did you guys catch the Grey's Anatomy recap episode yesterday? It was titled Straight to the Heart and I thought it was really well done. I especially loved it because I missed most of season 1 and a few episodes this season (gasp!) It was really cute and now I really can't wait for regular episodes to start up again next week. I'm sure some really interesting stuff is going to go down with Derek, Addison and Meredith. Plus will Izzie ever forgive Alex for sleeping with Olivia? Or did she really only help him study for his board because that's what Jesus would do!!! Ha, that might be my favorite Grey's scene of all time!


Oh my goodness I got a little ahead of myself last Friday. I woke up in a cold sweat on Saturday night and I realized that 24 does not start this week but the next. How did I get so mixed up? I'm sorry if I got anyone all riled up only to realize Sunday night that 24 is still a week away. So I apologize for my huge error. If it makes you feel better I was really excited for Sunday too and it turned out to be a dud! There's always next Sunday to look forward to.

Friday, January 06, 2006


I just realized that besides 24 starting up on Sunday another one of my favorite shows is going to start season 3 on Sunday. If any of you have Showtime I highly, highly recommend checking out The L Word this Sunday. I feel like I just went from having nothing to watch to having like 12 things on at the same time. One of the good things about The L Word being on Showtime is that they replay it over and over again before the next episode. So watch 24 on Sunday and Monday and then catch The L Word season 3 premiere sometime during the week. The L Word's regular time slot is Sunday at 10 PM/9 PM CST. Unfortunately I don't have Showtime so I will be relying on my dear old dad to TiVo it for me. Does that seem odd that my dad and I both watch The L Word and often together? Hmm...

It's gonna be another long day...

for Jack Bauer and the gang at CTU starting on Sunday. 24, one of my favorite tv shows ever is returning for it's 5th season with a 4 hour season premiere this Sunday and Monday. Are you ready for it? Last season ended with Jack faking his own death and taking off to Mexico to hide from the Chinese. He obviously comes back this season but I here in the first ten minutes a ton of major characters die. I can't wait for this season to get underway. One great thing about this show is that there are no reruns or hiatuses once the season starts, it just goes straight through bang bang bang. After it's Sunday premiere it will switch to Mondays at 9 PM/ 8 CST. I hope you guys like 24 because I am probably going to be talking alot about it!

Run! The Mid Season Replacements are Coming!!

Around this time of year networks start filling the holes left by shows canceled in the fall. There are typically a few good mid-season replacements like Grey's Anatomy last year and Jake in Progress but in my opinion they usually aren't that great. I hope that the networks prove me wrong here but we'll see. Kristin Veitch at E!Online tells us in her column what she thinks of each midseason replacement. However one of my favorite midseason replacements is coming back for a second season starting Monday.

Jake in Progress starring John Stamos will return on Monday at 9:30/8:30 CST on ABC. I will admit that I haven't seen every episode of this show but the ones I have seen were pretty good! Here is a synopsis of the season premiere:

"The Lying, The Watch and Jake's Wardrobe"
Jake, fed up with memories of his former fiancée, Annie, intruding into his life, finally decides to get rid of all traces of her. He throws out their old photos and trinkets, erases her last phone message and even donates his fancy suits to charity in hopes of starting fresh.But things don't go as planned when Annie suddenly turns up on his doorstep to retrieve the family watch she gave him before they broke up and he realizes he may still have feelings for her - but now she's engaged to someone else. Meanwhile, new mother Naomi makes a shocking discovery: Once you have a baby, the hospital eventually sends you home with it. She leans on Jake for support in coping with her newborn son. And Patrick has some news of his own: He's going to open up a bakery called "Muffin" that sells nothing but cupcakes.

See it or Flee It?

Did anyone catch the series premiere of Four Kings after Will and Grace? I wanted to see it but I didn't make it home in time. Kristin Veitch at E!Online said to flee it in her column out today. I just wanted to see what anyone else had to say about it.

Pam and Roy Married?

Ok not quite but almost. On The Office last night Pam and Roy set a wedding date after Roy was inspired on a booze cruise. Doesn't sound like he had the best intentions but the wedding is set for June 10 (which is the same date as a wedding I'm in!) This obviously sent Jim into a tailspin and he came close but ultimately wussed out on telling Pam his true feelings. But he did tell Michael about his feelings for Pam and somehow Michael had no idea that there was interest between Pam and Jim. Hello, Michael Scott anyone home? Anyway hopefully next episode Jim will bare his soul to Pam and she will dump Roy like a bad habit! Or else the end of Pam and Jim as we know it could be coming to an end. I thought the episode had some really good Pam and Jim stuff but overall I didn't think it was that funny. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come for The Office on Thursdays.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Getting Back to Normal...

Shows are finally coming back from taking a break over the holidays including The Office and My Name is Earl. Both shows are new tonight and premiering in their new day and timeslot. I am really excited for a new Office!! Especially after that holiday party episode, I'm dying to know if Jim tells Pam his feelings. He probably won't but I'll keep my fingers crossed for now. And I could use a little crazy comedic relief from Michael Scott, Dwight and co in my life right now! Here's hoping that Thursday nights on NBC become must see tv again and that The Office becomes a huge hit ala Seinfeld and Friends. Of course it's already a huge hit in my mind.

And the ugly

This is Guadalupe's dress, it was just awful!! It only gets worse at the bottom which you can't see.

The Not Bad

Andrae's Dress - I thought it was very cute

The Good

Here are some more dresses from Project Runway last night.

Nick's Dress and my favorite

How Do You Do It Santino?

There was an all new Project Runway last night and it was a really interesting episode. The challenge was that the designers had to create a party dress for a famous socialite who turned out to be Nicky Hilton. I think it would have been cool if they used a socialite who was less obvious but whatever. So they received a few pics of Nicky and got to work. They met Nicky at a party and showed her their dresses. Then the next day there was a runway show with all the regular judges and Nicky. Damn Santino won again and I think it had nothing to do with his dress. He just really turned it on at the party. His dress was good but I thought Nick's was way better and so was Chloe's and Andrae's was pretty good also. Guadalupe was sent home after creating a god awful dress. Marla was almost eliminated because her dress was almost an exact copy of a dress that Nicky wore in a picture they were given. The blue dress with the black stripe is Chloe's dress and the other dress is Santino's. More dresses to come.

Very Bad Things

This week has not been going quite as smoothly as I would have hoped and I have been a very bad tv watcher and blogger. Here is what has gone down this week.

Monday - Missed Arrested Development. I didn't think there was a new episode and I was out of town until 7:30 PM. If that was the last episode I might cry, but there is always the season 3 DVD! Also was there a new episode of Related? If so I missed it too.

Tuesday - I missed the first and second new episode of Scrubs, which was off the schedule for a long, long time. (I went to see Brokeback Mountain again) and I also missed Meet the Barkers but I know it will be replayed 500 times before the next new episode.

Wednesday - no updates from me!! Work just got so crazy and before I knew it it was time to go home!

Thursday - Tonight I'm going to miss a new episode of The Office which I am heartbroken over and I really wanted to see that show The 4 Kings.

So I promise to be a better tv watcher and blogger next week! And there will definitely be more posts when shows start returning from hiatus. I can't wait!!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Almost Forgot!

Scrubs is back tonight! I have watched this show on and off for a while but never regularly. Well that is all changing tonight. I am officially on the Scrubs train. The show returns tonight for back to back episodes starting at 9/8 CST. I see a light at the end of the tunnel, shows are slowly but surely starting to return!

If someone names their kid Alabama I'm watching their reality show

The second season of Meet the Barkers starts tonight at 10/9c on MTV. This show follows Travis Barker of Blink 182 and his wife Shanna Moakler who pretty much is an out of work actress and their two kids. I love this show and it cracks me up because Travis is the normal one in the family. Shanna sleeps constantly and is just kind of an odd duck but she cracks me up also. Except sometimes I don't think she likes her kids, but Travis is definitely a doting father. They have one son together Landon who is probably 1 or 2 and then Shanna has a daughter with the boxer Oscar de La Hoya named Atiana. But Travis totally treats Atiana like his own kid. And in season 2 they are expecting another baby ( who was just born and they named Alabama!) For some reason I am so excited for this show even though it is total trash. I watched a marathon last week and I couldn't stop watching. Let me know what you think if you check it out!

Breakthroughs in 2006

So far my new year has started out great. On Friday I bought Veronica Mars season 1 on DVD. Now to understand this breakthrough you have to understand my best friend. She is an IronMan triathlete who is constantly doing something active and she has a very short attention span. Her family has never had cable and she very rarely watches tv. Yesterday I got her to sit down and watch two and a half episodes of Veronica Mars. I know she loved it because otherwise she wouldn't sit still for so long but she said that it wasn't bad. Just a few more episodes and she will be begging for more! So that is exciting. I also have someone else that is super excited to see VM season 1. Last year she was a senior in college and lived in a house with 10 other girls. She saw the first two episodes of VM and after that her housemates always overruled her on what to watch during that time slot. So she will be hooked shortly I just know it! So far so good in 2006!

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