Friday, December 02, 2005

Veronica Mars is Smarter Than Me...

Yes she is! Holy crap I love this show. Please tell me you guys watched it on Wed? If not I will cry tears of sadness for you. This episode was amazing. I know I use the word amazing alot but this was really truly amazing. I think I might even like this episode better than Ahoy Mateys, the episode before it. And that's saying a lot!! There was a lot going on in this episode the main thing is that Veronica is convinced that Duncan's mom had a love child at prom 25 years ago. So VM makes it her mission to track down this love child and shame Celeste Kane and then maybe she will leave VM alone. Well it turns out that Celeste did not give birth to a child at prom but that there is a real live prom baby and it is none other than Trina Echolls. Eventually Trina finds out that her birth parents are the deaf lunch lady and Principal Morehead, scandalous!! We also find out in this episode that Abel Koontz died and VM goes and picks up his things at the hospital. While she is there she peaks in on Meg and after a few seconds of glancing around the hospital room it is revealed that Meg is pregnant. OMG shocker!! Ok I was a little spoiled on that but oh well. Anyway VM leaves the room and right after that Meg opens her eyes. Next week episode looks so great with VM confronting Duncan about Meg being preggers. I think next episode might be the end of Veronica and Duncan as we know it. I for one will be sad if/when they break up. Also there was an alternate ending of the episode on and it was quite shocking. Everything is the same VM goes into the hospital room sees that Meg is pregnant and then someone comes in the room so VM hides. It is Meg's mom and she is saying all these sweet things to her daughter. The mom leaves and VM walks out of the bathroom where she was hiding and Meg is flatlining and there is a pillow over her face. VM grabs the pillow off of her face just as a nurse walks in and says what have you done!!! Oh my, could you imagine if that was the real ending? VM being investigated for murder of her pregnant boyfriend's exgirlfriend!! That would have gotten ugly!!


Anonymous Sarcasmo said...

pregnant boyfriend's exgirlfriend? Now that WOULD be shocking! ;)~

Unfortunately, I missed this episode *commence crying for me* but I will do my level best to see next weeks episode.

4:32 PM  
Blogger tvgirl13 said...

Oh shoot I should have told you that VM generally repeats on Sunday nights.

10:00 AM  

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