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Top Ten TV Characters of 2005

I recently found an article on that listed the top ten tv characters of the year. The list was really interesting. The article can be found here:

Top Ten TV Characters of 2005
Jim on "The Office": Now calm down, it's not just because he's my new secret TV boyfriend. John Krasinski could have easily been the office class clown. He's blessed with a funny script and some of the series' best deadpan lines. But whether he's silently pining for Pam, torturing Dwight, or barely keeping a straight face during Michael's outbursts, Krasinski takes Jim to a whole other level. On a show that is so absurd, I actually care about Pam and Jim. An actor who can so easily vacillate from the ridiculous to the serious is a true find.

Bright on "Everwood": Listen up, all you lollygaggers who just arrived at the "Bright is awesome" party. I've been on the Bright bandwagon for years now. And this season, you've really had a chance to see why. Because, like his character's romance with Hannah, Chris Pratt has blossomed. This is a role that could have easily been the dumb jock role and Pratt never, ever played it that way. I'm continually amazed by the layers Pratt has given such a seemingly one-dimensional character.

Lynette on "Desperate Housewives": How long have I loved Felicity Huffman? She amazed me when she was Dana on "Sports Night" (there are episodes of that series that still give me chills). So that certainly gives Huffman the edge among the "Housewives." But Huffman has been able to achieve something the other leading ladies haven't. I always, always believe Lynette. Talk to a rat in a trash can? Why not? Set up a fake kidnapping of your own children? Sure. She has always made Lynette the most relatable character (when they come out with the TV shirts, I'm so getting one that says, "I'm a Lynette"). Bonus points for having the show's best marriage.
Logan on "Veronica Mars": Like Pratt, Jason Dohring brings an unexpected complexity to his character. What I've loved this season is Dohring's ability to play Logan's bravado as a thinly veiled defense mechanism. Plus his delivery is spot-on. That scene between Logan and Kendall when she's trying to get his money was a master class in comic timing and delivery.

GOB on "Arrested Development": Michael (said in a deep, overly dramatic voice), what am I going to do without GOB in my life? I'm going to really need your support when "Arrested Development" goes off the air (which seems inevitable at this point). If one day you go to my column and it's just a blank black screen, send help immediately. With his deadpan voice and ever-solemn expression, Michael's older brother GOB is the funniest member of the Bluth family. And that's some tough competition.

Dr. Miranda Bailey on "Grey's Anatomy": I have long said that "Grey's Anatomy" is a mediocre, rather predictable show brimming with stellar performances. I think that is slowly changing (it's certainly an interesting move to keep McDreamy's wife around). And Chandra Wilson's sassy drill sergeant, who cares about her doctors but rarely shows it, is such fun to watch on a weekly basis.

Jin on "Lost": Trying to pick my favorite "Lost" character is a little bit of an exercise in futility. It changes from week to week. But Daniel Dae Kim has done something never before done is a network TV series -- he's gone a season and a half speaking very little English. He conveys in facial expressions what many actors cannot with pages of dialogue. On an island full intriguing characters, Jin remains the most fascinating.

Tony on "24": Who didn't cheer when Tony, Tony, Tony came to Jack's rescue last season? Every time we think he's out, the series pulls him back in. Although he's often burdened with preposterous situations (Michelle we're in crisis, let's make out), Carlos Bernard brings grace and gravity to his role.

Donna on "The West Wing": Um, the fact that I staged a "Where's Donna?" sit-in until her character was brought on to the Santos campaign is evidence that the show simply isn't the same without Josh's His Girl Friday.

Dr. House on "House": You're a mean one, Dr. House. Your patients may think you're nasty, but viewers simply love you. Hugh Laurie approaches his title role with an unabashed enthusiasm and zest for his on-screen alter-ego. He is the show.

I agree with most of those but I don't watch some of those shows so here are my favorite characters of 2005 (in no particular order):

Logan Echolls on Veronica Mars: I don't actually like his character but Logan is still an intense guy with a lot of layers.

Veronica Mars on Veronica Mars: This one may be too obvious but I just love VM, she is still spunky and curious even after everything that she has gone through.

Jim Halpert on The Office: Yes to everything she said before! Love him!

Dwight on The Office: So great of a character that no one would believe it is someone like him really existed!!

Bright on Everwood: Ditto to everything she said above!! Bright is my sunshine!! (Get it?)

Michael Scofield on Prison Break: What the heck is going on inside that head of his, or should I say what isn't going on! (Oh shoot technically he can't count if I go by the author's rules! Oh well this is my blog)
George Michael on Arrested Development: Whats not to love about this kid, he's akward, has an extremely messed-up family, has a crush on his cousin and he is funny (even though most of the time he doesn't try to be!!)

Cristina Yang on Grey's Anatomy - This girl has got some major issues but she is also a genius!

Dr. Miranda Bailey on Grey's Anatomy - Whew she is a spitfire and just all around fierce but you know she has a good heart hiding in there!

George O'Malley on Grey's Anatomy - he is just a mess and I love him for it.

GOB on Arrested Development - All I can say is: It's not a's an illusion!

What are your thoughts on the best chracters of '05?


Anonymous Sarcasmo said...

Your link to the original article didn't work for me . . .

Oh well, on with the list.

I agree with you both about GOB, he cracks me up every time he's on the screen.

I gotta have Stewie Griffin on here just because he's hilarious too, although he's animated (is that against the rules?)

Paris - on Gilmore Girls is another good one.

Clark Kent on Smallville

Greg on CSI

Least favorites? Anyone?

1:45 PM  
Blogger tvgirl13 said...

Sorry about the link. I tried to get it to work a few times just now and it refused.

2:12 PM  

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