Friday, December 09, 2005

Hot Doc

So did everyone enjoy Everwood last night? I thought it was great although I missed the first seven minutes or so because of breaking news, I was screaming at my tv!! But the episode was fantastic. I was laughing out loud at Andy's online dating adventures and the fact that his screen name is hot doc! Ha! Also I was so happy at the outcome of Hannah being locked in the bathroom by Bright!! I certainly wasn't expecting that and clearly neither was Bright. How cute was he when he covered his eyes. Can I have him when Hannah is done with him? Wow alot happened this episode. I was so annoyed with Jake, I have really never liked him but I never knew he was a drug addict. I don't not like him because he is an addict it's mostly because he acts like a pompous ass most of the time and I couldn't believe he never told Nina!! I was so excited that Amy and Ephram finally hooked up and how cute were all the postcards that he wrote to her. I wish he would have mailed them! And thank God Ephram finally told Amy that he still loves her. Now maybe we can get on with this relationship that has been in a holding pattern for half a year! Finally what is up with Delia's behavior, not cool Delia!! I thought she would have learned from Ephram how not to act. I guess that would have been too easy.


Anonymous Sarcasmo said...

You can have Bright, if I can have Amy.

This was my first episode EVER of watching Everwood, and I just may have to add this one to the "Must See" list.

8:58 AM  
Blogger tvgirl13 said...


9:02 AM  
Anonymous Sarcasmo said...

Now all we have to do is get them to agree . . . oh, and my wife.

12:20 PM  

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