Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Reality Tv-O-Rama

Last night my head was spinning after three full hours of reality tv. After two hours of The Biggest Loser I watched The Real World Austion Reunion (guilty pleasure) which was cheesily named Tex, Hugs and Rock n Roll. Anyway the reunion was crazy, lots of screaming and yelling. The good parts were that Danny and Melinda are still together and are engaged. Wes and Johanna have been dating since August which is awesome and thats about it. Nehemiah accused Danny of having a huge ego and Nehemiah said Danny thinks he is Ben Affleck. So there was a huge argument about that. Then there was an argument about Lacey and her gossipy nature on the show. The other really bad part of the show was that Mel and Danny had gotten engaged the night before, great right! Well a camera crew was there and they taped the whole thing! I definitely don't think a camera crew should have been there! And it appears that either MTV got the ring or a jeweler gave it to them because the host gave a shout-out to some jewelry store thanking them for it. Ugh! The funniest part of the reunion was at the end of the show everyone looked pissed off and no one was looking at each other. Classic!

Sobfest 2005

As mentioned earlier yesterday was the season finale of The Biggest Loser. I found out right away who the biggest loser was, me. I am such a loser that I literally cried through the whole thing. Oh my God these people looked amazing!! All of them were so excited and looking so great!! I couldn't believe it when I saw Pete. Pete was the largest out of all the contestants weighing in at about 400 pounds and now he weighs a little over 200. Isn't that just crazy!!! They all looked great and for whatever reason I got really emotional. Maybe all the crying Matt did rubbed off on me!! Anyway Matt won and Suzy came in third. But she looked really great!! And Seth I think blew everyone away with how good looking he is now. Wowsers!! His wife sure got lucky with that one!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Black Tuesday?

No the stock markets haven't crashed and there have thankfully been no world terror events just lots and lots of shows being canceled lately. Here are the shows that have been canceled in the past few days:
Alias - dammit I was just getting caught up through Netflix
Threshold - never watched it
Hot Properties - I saw this a few times, it was cute and light but that girl from Mad TV drives me nuts!!
Reunion - I watched this show for a while. I'm glad I stopped now that it got canceled!!

Match Point

I have two free passes to a special sneak preview of Match Point and I can't find anyone to go with me, I'm thinking about not going because it is down on Michigan Ave and parking will be a bitch. What do you guys think, should I suck it up and go. It's this Thursday night.


Sorry I have been MIA lately, work should slow down a little bit now. I would love to post from home but my computer is all sorts of messed up. But to make up for not posting in a while I have some special celebrity scoop, hold on to your hats this one is going to blow you away!!!
From a source deep inside the Simpson/Lachey camp: Nick and Jessica have separated and will make it public shortly.

Can you believe that!!! Ok I'm just messing with you, maybe one day I will have some good celebrity gossip and it will be less than a week after the public already knows!!

Another Fall Finale?

Tonight is the 2 hour season finale of The Biggest Loser 2. I have really gotten into this show and I am very excited to see the live finale tonight with all the past contestants from this season. My girl Suzy is still in the game so I am definitely rooting for her. But I have a feeling that Matt is going to win because he has lost a sick amount of weight and is very emotional all the time. At least I know with this fall finale that there will be no cliffhangers and by the end of the two hours there will be a winner. Although you know there are going to tease us for the whole last hour ala American Idol. Grrr.

Prison Break: Better than 24?

The past few episodes of Prison Break have been excellent and make me think that it is better than 24. I guess that is a little harsh because 24 has been off the air for so long but when it comes back in January I'm not sure it can measure up to it's newest foe.

Last night was the fall finale of Prison Break. Fall finale is not a term that I enjoy throwing around because it means the end of a show for a long, long time. In the case of Prison Break it means no more new episodes until March. That's hard to take especially after last night's episode. I was expecting a huge cliffhanger, the biggest cliffhanger in tv history so that we don't forget about this show during the long cold winter. But the cliffhanger wasn't that big and it was pretty obvious from the start, will they get out or will they get caught, cue the creepy music...
I guess they did throw in one pretty big twist which I won't ruin for anyone. Actually I guess there are two twists, one about the legal case and one about the escape!! The finale was good though overall despite the so-so cliffhanger at the end and my heart was definitely pumping. See you felons in March!

The Most Embarassing Moment Ever on TV?

How embarrased were you for Meredith on Grey's Anatomy this week when her one night stand showed up at the hospital because he couldn't get it to go down. Yep you read that right. While Alex couldn't get it up, Meredith's one night and one night only guy couldn't get it to go back down. The whole situation was hilarious but so embarrasing for Meredith, especially when Dr. McDreamy aka Derek Shephard had to be called in. Do you think that is possibly the most embarassing fictional moment ever caught on tv? I wanted to crawl into my couch and hide for a month and I'm not even Meredith (obviously!!) Anyway this whole episode was great, I loved Cristina freaking out about the key Burke gave her and the whole quints thing with Izzie and Addison was really sad and interesting at the same time. The only bad thing about this episode was that there wasn't enough of George or Dr. Bailey. Too bad, so sad!! And of course the very end, Alex I will track you down and slap you silly!!

I'll Walk the Plank for You Veronica!!

Ok how amazing was Veronica Mars on Wednesday? The episode titled Ahoy Matey's was one of the most amazing yet. I am still sticking by my man Duncan but he clearly has some skeletons in his closet after all those sketchy dreams with Meg. And how about Logan almost getting his parts blown off by the PCHers, I wonder what he will do to get back at them now? I can't wait to find out!! I'm also dying to find out what is in Meg's letter that Duncan was reading at the end of the episode. According to my favorite tv diva Kristin Veitch we find out what is in the letter on Wed (tomorrow already!!) Hats off to Rob Thomas, Kristen Bell and the whole cast and crew of Veronica Mars for a truly amazing episode!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A Special Holiday Treat

Ok, don't get too excited! I just wanted to let everyone know that you can now email me at Let me know what you would like me to cover, other topics of interest and whatever else floats your boat!! I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving (my personal favorite holiday!!) It looks like President Bush's holiday is already off to a great start!!

Menage a Trois?

So here's the thing everyone knows I am head over heels in love with Veronica Mars (the show people!!!). Common knowledge for anyone who has ever stumbled across this site right? Well the thing is is that I'm falling in love with another show. I'm falling hard. The show is the incomparable Grey's Anatomy and each week it proves itself over and over again. Veronica Mars is always going to be my number one show but Grey's Anatomy is proving itself to be a very strong number 2. I just discovered this show this season. Ok not true, I watched season finale last May and I was hooked from then on. This show has a little bit of everything that I love, drama, romance, comedy and a dash of hospital and medical themes. Plus how could you hate a show with Dr. McDreamy I mean Patrick Dempsey on it. He sure has changed from his Can't Buy Me Love days! Anyway I'm so happy that this show is doing amazing in the ratings, it was in 5th place this week. I think if you could only pick two shows to watch you should definitely pick Grey's and of course Veronica Mars!!

The Sleuth gets Punk'd!

Speaking of Veronica Mars I finally caught the episode of Punk'd that Kristen Bell aka Veronica Mars was on. And she can officially do no wrong in my eyes. The girl saves dogs in her spare time and she picked up this stray off the street and got accused of stealing the dog. It was really funny but she is too cute!! I have a full-on girl crush on her now (nothing physical). As a 20 something straight female I should have crushes on Orlando Bloom or Usher or someone along those lines but instead my big celebrity crush is Kristen Bell! Love her!!

By the way the pic of her in her underwear is the only good pic I could find of her and a dog so it has nothing to do with my little crush you sickos!

Biggest Party Night of the Year...

Not for me or anyone who calls themselves a Veronica Mars fan because Rob Thomas the creator of Veronica Mars has said the episode that is on tonight is the best episode they have EVER done! I'm sorry about the caps but man oh man I am so freaking excited!! The episode is called Ahoy Matey's so you just know it's going to be good from the title alone. Here is the episode summary from

Veronica helps Keith determine who is haunting a school bus crash victim's parents, currently embroiled in a suit against the school district for negligence.

It's going to be fantastic!! Thanks to my favorite tv diva Kristin Veitch at for the info. No going out for me tonight, I'm saving myself for Veronica Mars!!

Monday, November 21, 2005


Yay! If you are reading this then you probably saw on the old blog address that we moved to our lovely new home. Ok so nothing has changed except for the address, but the new address is a humongous improvement over the old one. So make yourselves at home and I will try to update as often as possible!!

I promise...

I will be able to post more tomorrow. This week is going to be crazy but I will try to get some quality posting in. I still owe you guys my thoughs on Brokeback Mountain and I absolutely need to talk about a show I don't discuss nearly enough, Grey's Anatomy. I am in love with that show!!

And the winner is...

Sarcasmo!!! with his (or are you a her, hmmm) entry of Random Acts of Television for the new name of my blog. Congrats to Sarcasmo and thanks for being a faithful reader!!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Ang and Me

So I did see Brokeback Mountain last night at a screening with a producer and a special guest. While I did cross my fingers that the special guest would be Jake Gyllenhal it turned out to be Ang Lee, the director which was really cool. You might be familiar with some of Mr. Lee's work like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Sense and Sensibility and of course The Hulk! I'll write more about the movie and the Q&A afterwards a little later but I just wanted to let everyone know what went down!

Thursday, November 17, 2005


So I just found out that there is a very good chance that I will be attending a screening of Brokeback Mountain with a Q&A afterwards with the producer and Co- President of Focus Features. Yeah, I can't wait!! I am definitely going to the screening and they haven't released the name of the movie they are showing but the buzz is that it's Brokeback Mountain. I will let you guys know what goes down!

Special Thanks

A big thank you to my friends at Give Me My Remote who have linked to this little ol' blog! You guys are the best! Stay tuned for my thoughts on last night's episode of Veronica Mars.

Name that blog!

Everbody likes a contest don't they? Well I have decided to hold my first and most likely my last blog contest! So here is the contest, my blog is named Total Randomness because it was created as an outlet for me to rant about my personal life. Well it quickly turned into a tv centered blog with potential for some pop culture ramblings as well. So I need a new name for my blog. I thought I would open it up to anyone and everyone and see what you guys think. I will decide on a winner Monday, that is if anyone is even up for the challenge!! Be creative, be fun and be clever!!

Truth Be Told, So It Begins and Parity

Any Alias fans out there? I just finished up the first disc of season 1 of Alias. It was so good! I already knew it was good because I was addicted to this show for about half a season but I am so glad I ordered these discs from Netflix. Today I get disc 2 and I can't wait! The second disc has four episodes instead of three, fantastic! I am a little worried that I'm not going to be able to keep up with the show though. I know the Rambaldi stuff gets really intricate and intense and the third episode just had the beginning of Rambaldi and I was already a little confused. Oh well, I'm a smart cookie I'm sure I can figure it out! I'll let you guys know what I think of the next four episodes, I'm sure I will whip through a few tonight! Three cheers for Netflix!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Good Doctor Goes Home...

I have been watching The Biggest Loser this season and I missed last night's episode. I just found out that my second favorite player Jeff aka Doc was sent home last night. It's sad because he is just such a good guy and was doing an amazing job. I would have really liked him to be in the top two.

The good news is that my girl and favorite player Suzy is still in the game. She is so fun and spunky and totally deserves to take this thing. I think she has a good shot too! She is too cute!

Veronica, Veronica, Veronica

I have missed my little Veronica so much and I have been an unloyal viewer. I missed last weeks episode of Veronica Mars (unforgivable I know) and I still haven't seen it. I'm dying to see the episode and I've heard it's amazing but I just have been so freaking busy lately! But tonight I will finally catch-up with good ol Veronica and I will see last week's episode and the new episode. It will be a Marsathon (get it) and I can't wait!! It's been to long! I think some serious stuff went down last week and I am dying to know what, but I haven't been spoiled! I'm so proud of myself!! So you know what they say: "Do as I say not as I do" and watch Veronica Mars tonight at 9 Pm/ 8PM CST on UPN. I will promise to avoid missing another episode this season at all costs!!!

Welcome to the Suck

I finally saw Jarhead last night and I really liked it. The first half of the movie was awesome and the second half was pretty decent. It definitely dragged a little bit but so do most movies. It wasn't too graphic at all, there wre some scorched bodies in some scenes but nothing like Saving Private Ryan or any other recent war movie. The thing I liked about this movie is that it was funny and totally fucked-up( the word fuck is used 278 times in the movie so I thought I would throw one in there!) at the same time. It didn't hurt that Jake Gyllenhal is so damn cute either! I wouldn't be suprised if Jakey gets nominated for an Oscar or at least a Golden Globe for his performance. Peter Sarsgaard was also really good in it. I still don't completely understand what the term jarhead means but I was probably thinking about how badly I had to pee when they mentioned that. Overall it was a very enjoyable movie, I definitely recommend seeing it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I guess she is human...

The season finale of Laguna Beach aired last night and Kristin Cavalleri the villain/star of the show was really, really emotional. Everyone was going to college and saying goodbye, there were definitely a lot of tears but I was shocked that most of them came from Kristin. She has been stone cold this whole season and then this!! They showed previews for season 3 with a new cast and it doesn't look so good. Maybe I'm getting old but the kids all looked so young, and I feel like they are just all going to try and start fights to be on tv. I'm sure I'll watch it anyway because I'm a sucker!! I cou;dn't find a pic of Kristen crying so I had to put my sorry photoshop skills to test.

You're breaking my heart!

There was a new episode of Prison Break on last night and it was amazing again! This show just does not disappoint. There are only four days until they break out and all sorts of people and things of interest are coming out of the woodwork. I mean who knew Michael was married? Ok I was spoiled and knew that but I bet that was a shocked to most people! This show honestly just keeps getting better and better. Last night there was even some comic relief with Tweener, the white guy who thinks he is black. He was writing a rap in the episode and it was hilarious and then when he faked a seizure to steal a watch for Michael that was classic also. I wish there was a little more of Lincoln last night but they made up for it by having a lot of Lincoln Junior aka LJ. I thought his acting was phenomenal by the way. But Fox is breaking my heart again by taking this show off the schedule until May, only two more episodes and then we need to wait until May to see the rest! It's killing me. It's going to be a long winter for sure!!

Monday, November 14, 2005


I haven't posted much lately, sorry about that. I have just been super tired and lazy lately. Not good at all! There isn't much tv news I can think to share. No Arrested Development or Kitchen Confidential tonight which makes me want to cry. And I still haven't seen last weeks Veronica Mars! I was out of town for some of this weekend and when I got back to my apartment yesterday my first Netflix DVD was in my mailbox. It was the first disc of Season 1 of Alias. Last night I watched the pilot (which was a full hour long because it originally aired commercial free) and it was really good. I had seen it before but I needed a refresher. I am excited to pop in the second episode when I get home tonight. I am excited tonight for Prison Break but sadly I am even more excited about the season finale of Laguna Beach. Rumor has it that something big goes down, but it will probably be something lame and disappointing. My Mondays are going to be so empty with no Arrested Development, Kitchen Confidential or Laguna Beach. What ever will I do? Any suggestions? I think I will probably watch How I Met Your Mother on CBS, I've seen it a few times and it doesn't compare to Arrested but it is pretty funny.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Arrested Development Cancelled?

That's the word on the street. Very, very sad. According to reliable sources Fox has cut their order to 11 episodes and after that production is shutting down. I hope it's not true. Everbody keep your fingers crossed. I'll update as soon as I hear more.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Return of Veronica Mars

Hurray, Veronica Mars returns tonight after taking a week off. Everybody needs to make sure they are glued to the couch tonight and that the channel is on UPN (8 in my neck of the woods). I think big things are going down tonight on VM!! Unfortunately I made plans before I realized I was making them for a Wed. night so I will have to wait until Friday when I get my hands on a friends Tivo to watch the episode. But that is no excuse for anyone else, if you don't watch Veronica will track you down. I wish that was true, that would be great! I've included a little treat for all you females out there not sure if they should watch, meet Jason Dohring aka Logan Echolls.
Note: For all your Buffy and Angel fans out there not only are Charisma Carpenter and Alyson Hannigan cast on this show but Joss Whedon makes an appearance tonight! Don't miss it!

I'm in Trouble!!

I finally did it, I finally signed up for Netflix. Now I am set to become a total and complete shut-in! I am so addicted already to adding movies to my queue. I already have almost sixty movies, yikes! I have also added a bunch of tv shows DVDs including Alias Season 1 (at the top of my list) Felicity S1, Gilmore Girls (S1) and Everwood (S1), oh wait I also added Arrested Developmet (s1) and Freaks and Geeks. First up is Alias, I watched about half of the first season and really liked it and then I stopped watching for whatever reason. So I am excited to get into it again. I am also excited about Everwood because I don't think I ever watched season 1 so that will fill in some of the blanks. Also I have always heard great things about Felicity and Gilmore Girls but I've never really watched, now I finally can. Hurray for NetFlix and three cheers to me doing nothing but watching tv from now on. This could be very, very bad!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

There is No I in Win

How funny was the double episode of Arrested Development last night? Here are some of my favorite parts:
Buster: Alias is a show about a spy
Buster to Steve Holt: Hello possible nephew
Michael to George Michael: Who's Ann
Buster: Mother is going to blow a cow when she see's this.
Rita: Don't you hate it when they have a Yank play a Brit.
Bob Loblaw: There could be a listening device in this room right now (and then the boom mic enters the shot and also the surrogate has a listening device)
Lindsay: Oh my God that's Maeby Tobias: That's how I know her
The handlebars in Michael's bed, The state fair put on by the church, startled straight with two tents including one for gay men, the whole Godzilla/mole re-enactment... I could go on and on this show is just classic.

Threat Level Midnight

The Office is all new tonight at 8:30 CST on NBC. Here is a summary of the episode:

"Michael (Steve Carell) surprises his boss, Jan (Melora Hardin) in more ways than one when they try to attract a new client (guest star Tim Meadows, "Mean Girls"). Elsewhere, Jim (John Krasinski) finds a screenplay written by Michael, and he and his fellow Dunder-Mifflin peeps have a grand ol' time acting it out."

It sounds hilarious and here's another little tidbit, Michael's script is titled Threat Level Midnight, oh I love this show. Plus tonight there is a big kiss and Dwight is in his underwear. Woohoo!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Confessions of a Dance Floor

You can hear Madonna's new album Confessions of a Dance Floor at The Leak on I'm so excited to finally listen to it. People seem to either love or hate Madonna, let me know what you think of the new album.


I just found out that Fox is not airing one new episode of Arrested Development tonight, wait for it, wait for it, they are airing two new episodes tonight!! And then of course after a full hour of Arrested Development there is Prison Break. It's going to be a Foxtastic night for me. Ok I'm cheesy I know!

At Long Last...

Arrested Development returns tonight! Hurray, after a long break for baseball Arrested Development is finally back on Fox tonight at 7 PM (CST). This show is freaking hilarious and moves a mile a minute which I love. Unfortunately it is not getting nearly the ratings it deserves. It took me a few tries to get hooked on this show and now there is no going back. So if you have given it a try before I understand but you should really give it one last chance. Honestly I'm worried that it might not be around too much longer.


I am in serious Veronica Mars withdrawal, only two more days until a new episode! It can't come soon enough!

Friday, November 04, 2005

NBC is slowly warming my cold heart...

The Office has been picked up for a full season according to Kristin Veitch at E! Online! This is fantastic news. I missed the newest episode on Tuesday and I haven't been so sad about missing a show in a long, long time. This show cracks me up consistently! Cheers to NBC for making a solid decision!

Still Going Strong

Everwood on the WB is one of my new favorite shows. This season has just been great so far! I watched this show for about a season and a half and I stopped watched because of a time conflict with 24. Well I started up again this year and it is so good. My only complaint is that I wish Ephram (Gregory Smith) would cut his hair. My favorite character on this show is probably Amy but a close second would be Bright. Next weeks episode looks really good, it looks like some major stuff is going to go down! I can't wait!


So I watched The OC last night after a long break and it was just ok. No suprise there, the show is known for its mediocrity. But I still can't decide if I want to stop watching it. I think what I need to do is watch a different show for a week and if I miss it then I keep watching it and if I like the new show then I stop watching it. Make sense? You wouldn't think tv would require such a decision-making process but for me it does! The thing with the OC is that I like the characters on the show but the writing has just been horrible lately and everything is so darn predictable!! Obviously Ryan is going to actually go off to sea on a fishing boat for 3 weeks! Duh! So I think next week I will watch Smallville, if anyone has any other suggestions let me know. I think Everbody Hates Chris is on at the same time as Smallville so I might have to check that out also!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

To OC or Not OC?

So big dilemma for tonight, The OC comes back after a four week (or so) baseball hiatus. I haven't been loving this season and I can't decide if I should keep watching it or not. I can't even remember what last happened on the show, so you know it can't be too good. I have stopped watching Reunion which comes on after The OC in favor of Everwood (which is my number 3 show right now). This is a big dilemma, if I stop watching The OC what should I watch instead? Any suggestions? I think I will watch The OC tonight and make my decision after that. I'll keep everyone updated because my life is tv. Sad but true!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

It's a Sorry Wednesday

Well today is normally the day when I beg the few and far between people who read my blog to watch Veronica Mars. But sadly tonight is a repeat, but it is a good repeat. It is a repeat of the season premiere, so if you are looking to get caught or refreshed you are in luck!

I don't know what to do with myself when VM isn't on and I was worried there wouldn't be anything to watch because Lost is a repeat. But there is this great little show on the WB called Related and it's about 4 sisters. I caught the premiere and a few bits and pieces of other episodes and it is really good. I haven't been able to watch because it is on Wed at 8 PM (CST) but I am definitely watching tonight. They also replay the episodes a lot on Monday nights after 7th heaven. Actually maybe the new episodes are Monday and they replay Wednesday, regardless it's a great show! And for any Dead Like Me fans Callum Blue is in it!

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