Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Fall TV Round-Up

Ok kids here is what I am watching on tv this fall and shows I am interested in watching. I am a tv connoisseur so you know if I'm watching it then it is damn good.
Arrested Development - this show is so damn funny that I miss jokes because I am laughing from the previous joke. This show also moves a mile a minute which I love. If you aren't watching this then you are missing the funniest show on tv. It wasn't on last night because of baseball and I was so sad.

Kitchen Confidential - I tried to give this show a shot and I gave it three episodes and I don't think I will watch it anymore. It was just ok and I would rather watch How I Met Your Mother (more on that later).

Prison Break - This show is slightly unrealistic but still very good and very suspenseful. I love that it is shot in Chicago.

Laguna Beach - sad but true, nothing else to say here.

The Biggest Loser - some say I should be watching Amazing Race instead but this season of AR is lame. I really like this show so far, it just pulls you in and you want to see how everyone is doing. I am definitely rooting for the girls and especially Suzy. I had no plans of watching this show but I stumbled across it and now I am in for the long haul.

My Name is Earl - I can't decide what I think of this show. It is kind of stupid but at the same time it cracks me up. I will definitely keep watching for now and I am actually looking forward to it.

The Office - I wanted to watch this show last season but I never did for whatever reason. I am so glad I'm watching it this year. It is hysterical!! Plus who doesn't love Steve Carrell and that creepy guy from Six Feet Under Arthur! This show is a must watch for anyone with a sense of humor!

The Real World - Dammit! I promised myself I wouldn't watch this season now that I am too old to be on the show but I gave in around week 3. Lacy gets caught bad-mouthing everyone today! She is such a manipulator who plays herself off as the sweet, innocent girl!

America's Next Top Model - another guilty pleasure but it's just not the same without Janice. I can't pick one girl to root for either. I like Kim but I don't think she is the best model. What to do, what to do!!

Veronica Mars - This is the best show on television bar none!!! This is my absolute favorite show and I even stopped watching Lost for this show. Everyone who is anyone loves this show. Joss Whedon (Buffy andAngel creator) has praised the show and so has Kevin Smith (the director/Silent Bob) plus all the regular tv critics love it too! If I could only pick one tv show to ever watch this would be it. Now is the perfect time to start watching, the third episode is on tomorrow at 9/8C and the season 1 dvd comes out today!! I can' t do justice to the show by explaining the premise but for all the info you will ever need on VM check out Mars Investigations, it is a great website especially for those new to the show. Please watch this show, you won't regret it!!

The OC - another guilty pleasure that I can't seem to give up. I am loving Ryan and Marissa together this year, in the past I hated them as a couple. And Rachel Bilson is the cutest thing on tv!

Everwood - I stopped watching this show last year in January when 24 came on at the same time and I have heard nothing but good things about this upcoming season so I am going back to it. Although I have missed the first two episodes. I am looking forward to catching up with this show again.

Friday - no shows

Saturday - no shows

Extreme Makover Home Edition - I don't go out of my way to see this show but I really like watching it whenever I'm around.

Desperate Housewives - eh, this season it is just ok. The only character I like is Lynette. I will only watch because Grey's Anatomy is on after it.

Grey's Anatomy - This is hands down my second favorite show on tv. The only episode I watched last season was the season finale and now I am totally kicking myself. This show is amazing and I am so upset that I missed it this Sunday. This show blows Desperate Housewives out of the water!!

Shows I Want to Watch But Have Time Conflicts
Related - I saw this show on the WB last night and it was really good. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely watch it if Veronica Mars wasn't on at the same time. I need to get a tivo in my new place bad!

Commander In Chief - I've heard great things about this show, I would like to check it out but I can't give up The Office for another drama.

Lost - I just can't fathom giving up Veronica Mars for Lost, plus I didn't always follow along so closely last year so I don't think I would fully understand everything.

I'm sure there are others that I would like to watch but I am blanking right now. So there you have it!


Blogger Kerri said...

LOST is awesome. But I saw your other posts, which contained Veronica Mars pictures, so I understand. I watch the Biggest Loser, too... good show. What about House? You should watch that--HILARIOUS.

2:16 PM  
Blogger tvgirl13 said...

When is House on? I've watched it a few times, last year it conflicted with Veronica Mars. I would like to watch Lost but it obviously conflicts with VM and I don't know if I would understand everything now. I watched sporadically last season, mostly at the beginning and at the end of the season.

2:22 PM  
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