Wednesday, October 26, 2005

"If you don't like Veronica, then you are dead to me....."

Yep it's that time again folks! Veronica Mars is on tonight on UPN at 9 PM/8Pm CST!! Lost is in repeats so there is no excuse not to check this show out! Do whatever you need to in order to catch this show tonight. There are recaps of the whole season so far on and a general synopsis of the show and last season on Mars Investigations. No excuses people!! If anyone does watch it I would love to know what you think of it! I am obsessed with this show (obviously) so I would hope everyone else likes it!!

Go White Sox!

Chicago baseball and the term world champions don't really go together unless the word curse is in the same sentence. But that is all about to change, if all goes well tonight the Chicago White Sox will sweep the Houston Astros to win the World Series. This city is just going to go nuts!! I am a big Cubs fan and even I am going crazy cheering for the Sox. Some Cubs fans still aren't rooting for the White Sox but I think a lot of them have gotten into it. It's a Chicago team after all. Chicago hasn't had a championship since the Bulls won and we are in dire need of a pick-me up. This is so exciting!! The city is going to go crazy! I can't wait!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Veronica Mars Tonight on UPN 9 PM/8 PM CST!!

Watch Veronica Mars!! Everyone who watches it loves it! It is the smartest show on television! You won't regret it!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Veronica Mars 10/12

So you all know how I feel about Veronica Mars (VM), it is hands down the best show on tv. Last night was the third episode of the season titled, Cheatty, Cheatty, Bang, Bang. It was an amazing episode!! If you want a full recap of the episode go to TWOP, Couch Baron puts together a great summary. Every episode just blows me away, and so far this season they just get better and better. I love it! This episode VM was hired by Beaver/Cassidy Casablanca to find out if his stepmom (Charisma Carpenter) is cheating on his dad. His dad runs a very, very, succesful real estate company so Cassidy thought his step-mom was just being a gold-digger. Well Veronica ends up proving not only that Kendall (the stepmom) is cheating on Cassidy's dad (with Logan, Veronica's ex-boyfriend from the summer, OMG!!) but also that his company is a complete fraud. Mr. Casablancas is shown runing through the office telling everyone to shred all their documents and then he gets into a helicopter. So his company is completely ruined and he is broke. The sad part was that VM figured all this out and she knew her teacher has stock in the company. She told him what was going on and that he should sell the stock ASAP. He said he couldn't sell it because that would mean someone else would buy it and be out a ton of money. So he gave up his early retirement! So you think all that action would be enough for one episode right? Not with this show!! VM also finds out a guys is found beaten to death on the beach and what is written on his hand? Her name!!! On his hand it said Veronica Mars! We knew this at the end of last episode but she finds out this episode. So VM tries to figure out how this guys knows her. She goes to his work posing as his niece and collects all his stuff. He worked on cars and he has a bunch of pictures with famous people including Aaron Echolls, the most famous movie star and also the dad of Logan (VM's ex-bf). The picture has an autograph of Aaron Echolls and a note that mentions the name of a movie that Aaron did called "The Long Haul" Veronica goes to confront Logan about sleeping with Kendall Casablancas and when she is leaving she sees a movie poster for the Long Haul. The movie is about a truck driving off the side of the cliff. And guess who the stunt coordinator is? The guy who died with VM's name on his hand. So VM figures that Aaron hired this guy (his name is Curly) to rig the bus to go off the cliff. She is very upset and goes to Duncans and said all those people died because of me. She was supposed to die in the bus crash!! Oh my God, so freaking good!! Another side note in this episode Keith (VM's dad) and Alicia (Keith's gf and VM's best friend Wallace's mom) go to Chicago. When they are leaving a restuarant some guy recongizes Alicia and starts calling her Sherry and chases after her. She becomes visibly upset and gets in an elevator right before he catches her. He goes to the desk at the hotel and shows his badge and demands to know what room they are in. At the end of the episode we see this guy who was in Chicago is now in Neptune and looks up Alicia's address. Hot damn this show is good!!! There are probably a million other things that I'm forgetting to mention. Like the fight between Duncan (Vm's bf) and Logan, it was classic. I know none of this makes sense because I haven't recapped the first two episodes but this just gives you a tiny taste of the fantasticness of Veronica Mars. Please, please watch!! It is on Wed at 9 PM/ 8 PM CST and is on UPN. They do replay it on Saturday or Sunday nights so check your local listings!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Fall TV Round-Up

Ok kids here is what I am watching on tv this fall and shows I am interested in watching. I am a tv connoisseur so you know if I'm watching it then it is damn good.
Arrested Development - this show is so damn funny that I miss jokes because I am laughing from the previous joke. This show also moves a mile a minute which I love. If you aren't watching this then you are missing the funniest show on tv. It wasn't on last night because of baseball and I was so sad.

Kitchen Confidential - I tried to give this show a shot and I gave it three episodes and I don't think I will watch it anymore. It was just ok and I would rather watch How I Met Your Mother (more on that later).

Prison Break - This show is slightly unrealistic but still very good and very suspenseful. I love that it is shot in Chicago.

Laguna Beach - sad but true, nothing else to say here.

The Biggest Loser - some say I should be watching Amazing Race instead but this season of AR is lame. I really like this show so far, it just pulls you in and you want to see how everyone is doing. I am definitely rooting for the girls and especially Suzy. I had no plans of watching this show but I stumbled across it and now I am in for the long haul.

My Name is Earl - I can't decide what I think of this show. It is kind of stupid but at the same time it cracks me up. I will definitely keep watching for now and I am actually looking forward to it.

The Office - I wanted to watch this show last season but I never did for whatever reason. I am so glad I'm watching it this year. It is hysterical!! Plus who doesn't love Steve Carrell and that creepy guy from Six Feet Under Arthur! This show is a must watch for anyone with a sense of humor!

The Real World - Dammit! I promised myself I wouldn't watch this season now that I am too old to be on the show but I gave in around week 3. Lacy gets caught bad-mouthing everyone today! She is such a manipulator who plays herself off as the sweet, innocent girl!

America's Next Top Model - another guilty pleasure but it's just not the same without Janice. I can't pick one girl to root for either. I like Kim but I don't think she is the best model. What to do, what to do!!

Veronica Mars - This is the best show on television bar none!!! This is my absolute favorite show and I even stopped watching Lost for this show. Everyone who is anyone loves this show. Joss Whedon (Buffy andAngel creator) has praised the show and so has Kevin Smith (the director/Silent Bob) plus all the regular tv critics love it too! If I could only pick one tv show to ever watch this would be it. Now is the perfect time to start watching, the third episode is on tomorrow at 9/8C and the season 1 dvd comes out today!! I can' t do justice to the show by explaining the premise but for all the info you will ever need on VM check out Mars Investigations, it is a great website especially for those new to the show. Please watch this show, you won't regret it!!

The OC - another guilty pleasure that I can't seem to give up. I am loving Ryan and Marissa together this year, in the past I hated them as a couple. And Rachel Bilson is the cutest thing on tv!

Everwood - I stopped watching this show last year in January when 24 came on at the same time and I have heard nothing but good things about this upcoming season so I am going back to it. Although I have missed the first two episodes. I am looking forward to catching up with this show again.

Friday - no shows

Saturday - no shows

Extreme Makover Home Edition - I don't go out of my way to see this show but I really like watching it whenever I'm around.

Desperate Housewives - eh, this season it is just ok. The only character I like is Lynette. I will only watch because Grey's Anatomy is on after it.

Grey's Anatomy - This is hands down my second favorite show on tv. The only episode I watched last season was the season finale and now I am totally kicking myself. This show is amazing and I am so upset that I missed it this Sunday. This show blows Desperate Housewives out of the water!!

Shows I Want to Watch But Have Time Conflicts
Related - I saw this show on the WB last night and it was really good. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely watch it if Veronica Mars wasn't on at the same time. I need to get a tivo in my new place bad!

Commander In Chief - I've heard great things about this show, I would like to check it out but I can't give up The Office for another drama.

Lost - I just can't fathom giving up Veronica Mars for Lost, plus I didn't always follow along so closely last year so I don't think I would fully understand everything.

I'm sure there are others that I would like to watch but I am blanking right now. So there you have it!

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