Thursday, September 08, 2005

Not much to report...

I haven't posted in almost a week but there just isn't much to write about. This weekend I am heading up to Madison, WI to watch my friend do an IronMan triathlon. This will be the third IronMan I have watched, they are intense, and I'm just a spectator. The race consists of a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike and then finish it all off with a marathon (26.2 miles.) Total and complete insanity! Saturday night should be interesting because there are going to be six of us crammed into a hotel room. I'm excited for it though, I think it will be hilarious!
My weekend up in Lake Geneva, WI was a blast. Although I nearly caused myself serious harm, here is the story. I am not a big fan of water-skiing but I promise myself to go at least once a year. I can do it ok and I get up on the first try but I am just always freaking out about falling. So on Saturday I ski for a little bit and call it a day. Then on Monday morning I decided to go again but I suggested that my friend who is basically a professional skier come with me. So we tie two ropes to the boat and off we go. It was really fun and funny. Even funnier my friend the pro water-skier totally wipes out before I do. Then we go for a second round and my friend keeps getting closer and closer to me. So I start going out of the wake to get away from her. Meanwhile the driver of the boat (another friend) turns the boat around really fast and I just go flying out of the wake at about 90 miles per hour and totally wipeout. I think I landed partially on my side and on my neck. My neck definitely hurt for a few days afterward. My skis came flying off and were about twenty feet apart from one another, it was a brutal fall but hilarious.
One last thing, check out this blog another hilarious entertainment pop culture blog I stumbled across: Dlisted


Blogger Anonymous City Girl said...

silly girl... your supose to stay in the boat. That way your drink doesn't get watered down.

11:57 AM  
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