Wednesday, August 03, 2005

TV Addiction

Ok so I am a total Tv and pop culture addict. I am slowly coming to terms with this but I need to share some of my tv favs. First off everyone should be watching Veronica Mars, it is the most fantastic show. If you want more info go to I know, I know it is on UPN but it was the absolutely best show on TV last season, even better than Desperate Housewives and Lost. This year it is on Wednesdays at 8 PM (central time.) I'm sure I'll post more info once the season premier draws closer but it is an amazing show. I would try to describe it but I can't do it justice, I just make it sound cheesy. Anyway they are also airing some of the episodes on CBS on Fridays now. So if you are sitting around on Friday night check it out. Also this year I am totally addicted to Big Brother 6. It is so good and so stupid at the same time! My favorite houseguest is James even though he seems to lie and twist things around a lot. But I still like him for some reason. I like Kaysar a lot also but he is going home. Is everyone rooting for the Kaysar team or are there people rooting for Maggie's alliance? I used to like Maggie but she is getting annoying. This summer is supposed to be the summer of secrets..dun da dun dun...anyway I am excited to see what they all are. The first one is that every person entered the house with a secret partner. Now everyone knows all the partners already, no fun!
One more show I really like and I feel so trashy saying this but it is Kill Reality on E! The premise is pretty stupid but it is reality star living in a house together (original I know) who are making a movie. It's pretty funny. I hate hate hate Toni, I don't even know what show she was on but she drives me nuts. Ok I am getting all worked up, this is freaking pathetic! I'm sure I'll write more about tv shows I love. Is it pathetic that I just watched Real World and was crying, like tears running down my face? One of the guys mom died so it was a sad episode, it didn't just come out of nowhere. I shouldn't even be watching that show. If I'm too old to be on it then I shouldn't watch. Oh man I have no willpower!!!


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